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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Graduate Level Questions - 25

601.  The Indian State where Hindu Marriage Act is not applicable is:
(a) Jammu & Kashmir (b) Sikkim
(c) Assam (d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: (a)

602. The source of Indian Philosophy:
(a) Ramayana (b) Upanishads
(c) Rig Veda (d) Yajur Veda
Answer: (b)

603. Who founded the Khilji dynasty?
(a) Balban (b) Alauddin Khilji
(c) Jalauddin Khilji (d) Iltutmish
Answer: (c)

604. Who coined the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?
(a)Bhagat Singh (b) Net aji Bose
(c) Aurobindo Ghosh (d) Muhammad Iqbal
Answer: (d)

605. What was the real name of Dayanand Saraswathy?
(a)Mul Sankar (b) Narendranath
(c) Gadhadhar (d) Moniya
Answer: (a)

606. The first session of INC was held in:
(a)1885 (b) 1887
(c) 1889 (d) 1890
Answer: (a)

607. The parliament of...... is known as the ‘mother of all parliaments’:
(a)USA (b) India
(c) Britain (d) Greece
Answer: (c)

608. Who among the following is the authority to issue ordinances?
(a) Prime Minister (b) Speaker
(c) Supreme Court (d) President
Answer: (d)

609. The number of states formed in 1956 under the State Reorganisation Act:
(a) 20 (b) 22
(c) 28 (d) 14
Answer: (d)

610. Which Article of the Constitution is related to amenedment procedure?
(a) 268 (b) 386
(c) 368 (d) 383
Answer: (c)

611. Which Act passed by the British Parliament divided India and Pakistan?
(a) Indian Independence Act, 1947
(b) Govt. of India Act, 1935
(c) Govt. of India Act, 1947
(d) Atlee’ s declaration
Answer: (a)

612. The first chairman of the National Human Rights Commission:
(a) A.S. Anand (b) Venkit achelliah
(c) Ranganath Mishra (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

613. Maxim Gorkey who authored ‘Mother’ was a ........writer:
(a) It alian (b) Spanish
(c) French (d) Russian
Answer: (d)

614. The Austrian woman who was married by Subhas Chandra Bose:
(a) Madelein Slade (b) Emile Shenkel
(c) Bhikaji Kama (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

615. ‘Bridgestone’ is related to:
(a) Scooter (b) Cement
(c) Tyres (d) Shoes
Answer: (c)

616. The place where Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated:
(a) New Delhi (b) Amethi
(c) Sriperumputhur (d) Chennai
Answer: (c)

617. Who was the president of India during the celebration of the 50 th year of
Repulic of India?
(a) Shankar Dayal Sharma (b) APJ Abdul Kalam
(c) KR Narayanan (d) R Venkataraman
Answer: (c)

618. Servants of India Society was founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale in:
(a) 1900 (b) 1905
(c) 1906 (d) 1907
Answer: (b)

619. An Irish woman Margaret Noble became the disciple of ....... and adopted the name Sister Nivetit a.
(a) Vivekananda (b) Gandhiji
(c) Aurobindo Ghosh (d) Dayanand Saraswathy
Answer: (a)

620. Who authored ‘In search of Gandhi”?
(a) Louis Fischer (b) R.K.Narayan
(c) Richard Attenborogh (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

621. Arabs under Muhammad Bin Qasim made the first Muslim invasion on India in the year:
(a) 721 (b) 712
(c) 788 (d) 1000
Answer: (b)

622. The greatest ruler in the history of Maratha Empire:
(a) Shambhaji (b) Shivaji
(c) Sahu (d) Balaji Viswanath
Answer: (b)

623. Revenue Minister of Akbar was:
(a) Todarmal (b) Asaf Khan
(c) Birbal (d) Man Singh
Answer: (a)

624. Who was the greatest king of Vardhana dynasty?
(a) Prabhakaravardhana (b) Harshavardhana
(c) Rajyavardhana (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

625. Jatra is folk dance drama popular in the villages of:
(a) West Bengal (b) Assam
(c) Tamil Nadu (d) Gujarat
Answer: (a)
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