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Graduate Level Questions - 46

1126. The first centre of Civilisation in China developed in the region of the river:
(a) Yangtze-Kiang (b) Tsangpo
(c) Mekong (d) Hwang-Ho
Answer: (d)

1127. The summer capital of British India was:
(a) Shimla (b) Manali
(c) Kulu (d) Srinagar
Answer: (a)

1128. The Integrated Rural Development Programme was started during
(a) First Five Year Plan (b) Sixth Five Year Plan
(c) Fifth Five Year Plan (d) Seventh Five Year Plan
Answer: (b)

1129. The bird which is a charector in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Caroll:
(a) Ostrich (b) Rhea
(c) Emu (d) Dodo
Answer: (d)

1130. The first organised revolt against British authority in India:
(a) Kurichiar Rebellion (b) Attingal revolt
(c) Pazhassi rebellion (d) Rebellion of Velu Thampy
Answer: (b)

1131. Hudson Bay is the part of ____ Ocean:
(a) Pacific (b) Atlantic
(c) Indian (d) Arctic
Answer: (b)

1132. The largest country in Middle America:
(a) Canada (b) Mexico
(c) Brazil (d) Cuba
Answer: (b)

1133. Archbishop Macarios led the freedom movement in:
(a) Ghana (b) Kenya
(c) Cyprus (d) Tanzania
Answer: (c)

1134. Krishna Hathee Singh, who took part in the freedom struggle of India, was the sister of:
(a) Mahathma Gandhi (b) Bhagat Singh
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Dr.Rajendra Prasad
Answer: (c)

1135. Who among the following was sentenced to death by taking hemlock:
(a) Plato (b) Socrates
(c) Aristotle (d) Xinophon
Answer: (b)

1136. The second Indian woman to win Miss Universe title:
(a) Diana Hayden (b) Aishwarya Rai
(c) Yukta Mukhee (d) Lara Dutta
Answer: (d)

1137. The second woman Governor in India:
(a) Sarojini Naidu (b) Padmaja Naidu
(c) Vijayalakshmi Pandit (d) Sharada Mukherjee
Answer: (b)

1138. The Indian Independence Act was passed on July 18, ........
(a) 1946   (b) 1947   
(c) 1945   (d) 1944
Answer: (b)

1139. The city which is situated at the confluence of Blue Nile and White Nile:
(a) Cairo (b) Khartoum
(c) Nairobi (d) Acra
Answer: (b)

1140. The administrative capital of South Africa:
(a) Cape Town (b) Bloemfontein
(c) Pretoria (d) Durban
Answer: (c)

1141. Which of the following Englishman was honoured by Jehangir with the title of Khan’?
(a) Sir Thomas Roe (b) Edward Terry
(c) William Hawkins(d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1142. The last viceroy of British India:
(a) Wavell (b) Linlithgo
(c) Mountbatten (d) C.Rajagopalachari
Answer: (c)

1143. The official publication of the British Government:
(a) Orange book (b) Green book
(c) Yellow book (d) Blue book
Answer: (d)

1144. The first prime minister of Britain:
(a) William Pitt (b) Disraeli
(c) Robert Walpole (d) H.H. Asquith
Answer: (c)

1145. What is known as ‘brown coal’?
(a) Lignite (b) Coal tar
(c) Anthrasite (d) Thorium
Answer: (a)

1146. The only Central American country not having an Atlantic coastline:
(a) El Salvador (b) Belize
(c) Nicaragua (d) Costa Rica
Answer: (a)

1147. The first regular census in India was held in:
(a) 1872   (b) 1881 
(c) 1861  (d) 1882
Answer: (b)

1148. Maximum genetic diversity found in:
(a) Temperate forests
(b) Tropical deciduous forests
(c) Tropical rain forests
(d) Sub-tropical forests
Answer: (c)

1149. The plant with the largest simple leaf:
(a)Amazon Water Lily (b) Rafflesia
(c) Wolfia (d) Double Coconut
Answer: (a)

1150. Most of the rivers flowing west from the western ghats don’t form deltas because of:
(a) Lack of vegetation free area
(b) Low velocity
(c) The high gradient
(d) Lack of eroded materials
Answer: (c)
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