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Friday, 10 November 2017

Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers -10

186. The Goverment of Travancore issued orders to open the approach roads to
temples to all avarnas in the year:
Answer: 1928

187. Nirvritipachakam was written by:
 Answer: Sree Narayana Guru

188. The first member of Pulaya community to be nominated to Travancore Legislative Assembly: 
Answer: Ayyankali

189. The first Sanyasa disciple of Sree Narayana Guru:
Answer: Sivalinga Swamikal

190. The organiser of ‘Kalyanadayini Sabha’:
Answer: Pandit Karuppan

191. The original name of Thycaud Ayya was:
Answer: Subbarayan

192. The Perinad strike was led by:
Answer: Ayyankali

193. The personality who was visited by Narayana Guru at Thiruvannamala, Tamil nadu in 1916:
Answer: Ramana Maharshi

194. The place selected by Narayana Guru when he decided to give up his wandering life and settle down:
Answer:  Varkala

195. The place where Ayyankali started a ‘Kudippallikkoodam’ for the depressed classes in 1905?
 Answer: Venganur

196. The place where Ayyankali started a school for the depressed classes in 1904:
Answer: Venganur

197. The place where Dr.Palpu was born:
Answer: Pettah

198. Who called Kumaranasan as ‘Chinna Swami’?
 Answer: Dr.Palpu

199. Who called the rule of English as ‘White Devil’ and the rule of the King of Travancore as the ‘Devil of Ananthapuri’?
 Answer: Ayya Vaikundar

200. Who conferred the Title of ‘Vidwan’ upon Pandit Karuppan in 1913?
Answer: Keralavarma Valiakoithampuran of Travancore

201. Narayana Guru’s second visit to Sri Lanka was in:
Answer: 1926

202. Neel akanda Theerthapadar was the disciple of:
Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

203. The place where Narayana guru is believed to have attained a state of Enlightenment:
Answer: Maruthwamala

204. The real name of Brahmananda Sivayogi:
Answer: Karat Govindankutty Menon

205. Who ousted god from the centre and placed mind in its place? 
Answer: Brahmananda Sivayogi
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