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Friday, 10 November 2017

Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers -9

166. In which district was the Perinad strike held?
Answer: Kollam

167. Moksha Pradeepa Khandanam was written by:
Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

168. Name the leader of renaissance who became a minister in Travancore Cochin:
Answer: Sahodaran Ayyappan

169. Who was honoured by the Maharaja of Cochin  with the title ‘Kavithilakan’?
Answer: Pandit Karuppan

170. Who was known as the ‘Saint without Saffron’?
Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

171. Who was named Komaran at his birth?
Poikayil Yohannan

172. Who was respectfully called “Superintend Ayya”?
Thycaud Ayya

173. Who was the Chief Minister when the Government of Kerala decided to return the press that had been confiscated in 1910 to the descendants of Vakkom Maulavi, in 1957?

174. Who was the first to  introduc the system called “A school along with every church”?
Kuriakose Elias Chavara

175. Name the leader of renaissance who was ousted from his caste for the reason of attending the Ahmedabad Congress Session of 1921?

176. Name the leader related to the ‘Muthukulam Speech’ of 1947?
Answer: Mannath Padmanabhan

177. Name the leaders of renaissance of Kerala who kept a warm relationship throughout their life from the beginnig of their friendship?
 Answer: Sree Narayana Guru and Chattampi Swamikal

178. Name the newspaper started by C.V.Kunhuraman in 1911 to propagate the
ideals of Sree Narayana Guru:
Answer: Kerala Kaumudi

179. In which year was the Begging March of V.T.Bhatathirippad?
 Answer: 1931

180. Jaathikkummi is the famous work of:
Answer: Pandit Karuppan

181. Jnanodayam Sabha’ was founded under the patronage of Pandit Karuppan at:
Answer: Edakochi

182. Kumarakodi is the final resting place of:
Answer: Kumaranasan

183. The birth place of Mannath Padmanabhan:
Answer: Perunna

184. The elegy ‘Prarodanam’ mourns the death of his contemporary and friend ______.
Answer: A.R. Raja Raja Varma

185. The founder of Thathva Prakashika Ashram at Kozhikode:
Answer: Vagbhatananda
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