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Friday, 22 December 2017

Constitution of India- Questions and Answers 22

526. Who elected the members of the Constituent Assembly?
 Provincial Assemblies

527. Who has the power to determine the structure of administration of a Union Territory?

528. Who has the power to form new state from the territory of any state in India:

529. Who has the power to transfer a judge of High Court from one High Court to another?

530. Who headed the Constitution Review Committee appointed in 2000?
 MN Venkitachelliah

531.  Who is generally the ex-officio chancellor of a university in a state? 

532. Who is the counter part of Attorney General in the state?
 Advocate General

533. The number of members in the Rules Committee:

534. The number of readings for a  Bill in the legislative assembly:

535. The power to declare any area as ‘scheduled area’ belongs to the: 

536. The power to establish a common High Court for two or more states belongs to:

537. The power to superintend, direct and control elections to the Panchayat is vested in the:
State Election Commission

538. The Rajya Sabha has ...... sessions in a year because the Budget session is split into two.

539. The strength of the Vidhan Parishad cannot be less than:

540. The system of parliamentary democracy in India has been modelled on the system of:

541. To be appointed as a judge of Supreme Court, a person should have been an advocate of a High Court for atleast ...... years.

542. What is the Indian name given to our country in Constitution?

543. What proportion of the total members of the Legislature Council is indirectly elected?

544. When a public officer commits an action which infringes a person’s Fundamental Rights, a writ of ...... is issued by the Court.

545. When did Constituent Assembly met for the first time as a sovereign body for the dominion of India?
 14th August 1947

546. Who is the head of the executive power of the state?

547. Who served for the longest period as the Chief Justice of India:
YV Chandrachud

548. Who served for the shortest period as the Chief Justice of India:
KN Singh

549. Writs filed before the High Court under Article ...... of the Constitution.

550. The Twelfth Schedule is related to the responsibilities of:
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