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Constitution of India- Questions and Answers 21

501. The final appellate tribunal in India is:
Supreme Court

502. The first state formed on linguistic basis in 1953:
Andhra Pradesh

503. The Fundamental Rights listed under which Article are automatically suspended on the proclamation of emergeny due to war?

504. The gap between two sessions of the state legislatve assembly should not exceed .....months.

505. The Legislative Council is a continuing house, one third of whose members retire every ..... years.

506. The members of the Legislative Council should not exceed ..... of the total number of membership in the state assembly:

507. The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the _____ and can be removed by the President on the advice of Supreme Court. 

508. The minimum age prescribed to become the Governor of a State:

509. When was the ninth schedule added to the Constitution?

510. Which Article of the Constitution is related to Finance Commission?

511. Which Article stipulates that there is to be a Council of Ministers with the prime minister as the head to aid and assist the President?

512. Which Fundamental Right was considered to be the heart and soul of the Constitution by BR Ambedkar?
Right to Constitutional Remedies

513. Which High Court has jurisdiction over Lakshadweep?

514. Which state has the largest number of nominated members?
West Bengal

515. Which Part of the Constitution is related to Panchayats?

516. The most profound influence was exerted on the Constitution of India by: 
Govt of India Act, 1935

517. The normal tenure of Governor of a State is ...... years.
518. The number of members in the Public Enterprises Committee:

519. Which Schedule of the Constitution distributes powers between the state legislature and Panchayats?

520. Who administers the oath of office of the Governor?
 Chief Justice of High Court

521. Who has the right to address the state legislative assembly eventhough he is not a member of legislative assembly?
Advocate General

522. Who decides on the holding of elections to Panchyats?
State Government

523. Who decides reasonableness of restrictions imposed on the Fundamental Rights?
Supreme Court and High Court

524. Who determines the composition and conditions of service of a Public Service Commission?

525. Who determines the salary of Attorney General?
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