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Friday, 22 December 2017

Constitution of India- Questions and Answers 20

476. How many members have to support no confidence motion?

477. How many members of House have to sign the resolution seeking President’s impeachment?
¼ th of the total

478. In which case did the Supreme Court rule that Parliament had the right to amend any of the Fundamental Rights?
Keshavananda Bharati

479. In which state two woman are nominated by the Governor to the Legislative Assembly?
 Jammu and Kashmir

480. On what basis seats are allotted to the states in Lok Sabha?

481. Part VI of the Constitution is applicable to all states except:
Jammu & Kashmir

482. Proclamation of emergency due to break down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within ......-
Two months

483.  Proclamation of Financial Emergency has to be approved by Parliament within ......
Two months

484. Residuary power of legislation in the case of Jammu Kashmir belongs to: 
The state

485. Th duration of an elected municipality is ...... years-

486. Which Article provides that all minorities, whether based on religion and language shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions on their choice?

487. Which writ is literally means “We command”?

488. Who is called ‘Federal Ambassador’?

489. Who has the power to issue ordinances when the Assembly is not in session?

490. Who represented parsi community in the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?

491. Writs filed before the Supreme Court under Article ...... of the Constitution.-

492. The Indian independence Act was passed by:
British Parliament

493. A minister should become a member of either house of Parliament within a period of ..... months, if he is not already a member

494. An ordinance made by the Governor automatically ceases to operate on the expiry of ..... from the re-assembly of State Legislature.-
Six Weeks

495. The Constitution gives ........ the power to regulate  the right of citizenship by law.

496. The Constitution of India describes India as a ...... of States.

497. The Constitution originally mentioned about ...... categories of states and territories.

498. The Contigecy Fund of a State is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of :

499. The details regarding acquisition and termination of Indian Citizenship are enumerated in:
 Indian Citizenship Act, 1955

500. The ex-officio chairman of the Rules Committee:
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