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Constitution of India- Questions and Answers 30

726. The idea of Directive Principles of State Policy has been copied from:
(a) Ireland                                                                      (b) USA
(c) Britain                                                                        (d) Canada
Answer: (a)

727. The idea of Parliamentary privileges has been copied from:
(a) USA                                                                         (b) Canada
(c) Britain                                                                   (d) Japan
Answer: (c)

728. The procedure of impeachment has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                   (b) Britain
(c) USA                                                                         (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

729. The idea of Bicameralism has been copied from:
(a) USA                                                                          (b) Canada
(c) Britain                                                                     (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

730. The scheme of federation with a strong centre has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                  (b) Germany
(c) USA                                                                          (d) Australia
Answer: (a)

731. The idea of impeachment of President has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                   (b) Britain
(c) U.S.A.                                                                        (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

732. The idea of nominating eminent members to Rajya Sabha has been copied from:
(a) Ireland                                                                   (b) U.S.A.
(c) Britain                                                                    (d) Canada
Answer: (a)

733. The idea of Concurrent List has been copied from:
(a) U.S.A.                                                                      (b) Australia
(c) Canada                                                                   (d) Germany
Answer: (b)

734. The idea of Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency  has been copied from:
(a) U.S.A.                                      (b) Weimar Constitution of Germany
(c) Canada                                    (d) Australia
Answer: (b)

735. The distribution of powers between centre and states has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                 (b) Britain
(c) U.S.A.                                                                     (d) Ireland
Answer: (a)

736. The law making procedure in India has been copied from:
(a) Ireland                                                                 (b) U.S.A.
(c) Britain                                                                 (d) Canada
Answer: (c)

737. The idea of joint sitting of two houses of parliament has been copied from:

(a) Australia                                                                (b) Britain
(c) Canada                                                                     (d) Ireland
Answer: (a)

738. The procedure of removal of judges of High Court and Supreme Court has

been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                     (b) Britain
(c) U.S.A.                                                                         (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

739. The idea of Vice President as the chairman of upper house has been copied

(a) USA                                                                            (b) Canada
(c) South Africa                                                             (d) Germany
Answer: (a)

740. The idea of appointment of Governors of States by the centre has been copied from:

(a) USA                                                                              (b) Britain
(c) Canada                                                                        (d) South Africa
Answer: (c)

741. The Act which ended the diarchy in provinces and granted autonomy:

(a) Govt. of India Act, 1935                                   (b) Govt. of India Act, 1919
(c) Indian Council Act, 1909                                  (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

742.  Which Act red esignated the Governor General of Bengal as the Governor

General of India?
(a) Indian Council Act, 1861                             (b)  Charter Act, 1833
(c) Govt. of India Act, 1919                                  (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

743. Under which Act the post of Governor General of India was renamed ‘Viceroy

of India’?
(a) The Regulating Act, 1773                                (b) Govt of India Act, 1858
(c) Indian Council Act, 1861                                (d) Govt. of India Act, 1919
Answer: (b)

744. Which Act transferred the administration of India from the British hands to

the Indian hands completely?
(a) Govt. of India Act, 1935                                   (b) Indian Independence Act
(c) Govt. of India Act, 1919                                   (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

745.  The Indian Independence Act got the assent of the British King on:
(a) 14th August, 1947             (b) 3rd June, 1947
(c) 18th July 1947                     (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

746. The Act which granted opportunity to Indians to members in the Viceroy’s

Executive Council?
(a) Govt. of India Act, 1935                          (b) Govt. of India Act, 1919
(c) Indian Council Act, 1909                         (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

747. Indian politics was brought under the influence of the British Parliament for

the first time through:
(a) The Regulating Act, 1773                          (b) Govt of India Act, 1858
(c) Indian Council Act, 1861                           (d) Govt. of India Act, 1919
Answer: (a)

748. Which Act by the British Parliament made provisions for appointment of a

Governor General for the administration of the areas under the East India
(a) Indian Council Act, 1861                            (b) The Regulating Act, 1773
(c) Charter Act, 1833                                        (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

749. Which Act envisaged provisions for the establishment of a federal court for

(a) Govt. of India Act, 1919                                        (b) Govt. of India Act, 1935
(c) Indian Council Act, 1909                                     (d) Indian Council Act, 1892
Answer: (b)

750. Under which Act Burma (Myanmar) was separated from British India?

(a) Govt. of India Act, 1935                                    (b) Govt. of India Act, 1919
(c) Indian Council Act, 1909                                   (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
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