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Facts about India -Questions and Answers -22

526. The Viceroy when the First Round Table Conference was held in 1930?
(a) Irwin                                                    (b) Reading
(c) Chelmsford                                         (d) Wellington
Answer: (a)

527. The Viceroy when the partition of Bengal was repealed in 1911:
(a) Minto I                                                   (b) Hardinge II
(c) Chelmsford                                          (d) Chelmsford
Answer: (b)

528. The Viceroy when Vernacular Press Act was introduced?
(a) Lytton                                                  (b) Ripon
(c) Dufferin                                                (d) Curzon
Answer: (a)

529. The Viceroy who  believed in free trade and abolished all export duties except those on rice, oil, indigo and lac:
(a) Northbrook                                         (b) Dufferin
(c) Mayo                                                      (d) Lytton
Answer: (a)

530. The Viceroy who announced the date of transfer of power to Indian hands:
(a) Linlithgo                                                   (b) Wellington
(c) Wavell                                                       (d) Mountbatten
Answer: (d)

531. The Viceroy who had been the Commander in Chief of the Indian Army:
(a) Linlithgo                                                     (b) Wavell
(c) Mountbatten                                               (d) Irwin
Answer: (b)

532. The Viceroy who was resigned after the Afghan issue in 1876:
(a) Dufferin                                                   (b) Northbrook
(c) Curzon                                                     (d) Canning
Answer: (b)

533. Who became Governor General two times (1786, 95, 1805)?
(a) Warren Hastings                                     (b) William Bentick
(c) Cornwallis                                                 (d) Hastings I
Answer: (c)

534. Who raised a para-military force called Imperial Service Corps, which was officered by Indians and only inspected by British commanders?
(a) Curzon                                                      (b) Dufferin
(c) Mayo                                                          (d) Ripon
Answer: (b)

535. Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act?
(a) Dufferin                                                                       (b) Mayo
(c) Ripon                                                                           (d) Hardinge II
Answer: (c)

536. Who suppressed the mutiny of Wahabis:
(a) Canning                                                            (b) Mayo
(c) Elgin I                                                                (d) Dufferin
Answer: (c)

537. Who was the first Governor General of British India?
(a) Wellesley                                                       (b) Robert Clive
(c) Warren Hastings                                          (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (c)

538. Who was the Governor General when Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed in the Fourth Mysore War?
(a) Cornwallis                                            (b) Hastings I
(c) Warren Hastings                                  (d) Wellesley
Answer: (d)

539. Who was the Governor General when Treaty of Amritsir was signed between Renjith Singh and the East India Company?
(a) Minto I                                                   (b) Lord Hastings
(c) Cornwallis                                           (d) George Barlow
Answer: (a)

540. Who was the Viceroy during the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre?
(a) Wellington                                         (b) Hardinge II
(c) Reading                                               (d) Chelmsford
Answer: (d)

541. Who was the Viceroy when capital of British India was transferred from Kolkata to Delhi?
(a) Hardinge II                                            (b) Reading
(c) Chelmsford                                            (d) Curzon
Answer: (a)

542. Who was the Viceroy when Criminal Procedure Code was brought into effect?
(a) Dalhousie                                         (b) William Bentick
(c) Canning                                            (d) Mayo
Answer: (c)

543. Who was the Viceroy when Durant line was brought into effect?
(a) Landsdowne                                          (b) Curzon
(c) Reading                                                   (d) Rippon
Answer: (a)

544. Who was the Viceroy when Edward VII was declared as the emperor of India?
(a) Curzon                                                   (b) Rippon
(c) Hardinge II                                           (d) Minto II
Answer: (a)
545. Who was the Viceroy when General Election was held in all the provinces of the British India in 1937?
(a) Linlithgo                                              (b) Irwin
(c) Wavell                                                      (d) Chelmsford
Answer: (a)

546. Who was the Viceroy when INC launched Quit India Movement?
(a) Wavell                                                      (b) Wellington
(c) Linlithgo                                                  (d) Irwin
Answer: (c)

547. Who was the Viceroy when Indian National Congress was formed in 1885?
(a) Dufferin                                                   (b) Reading
(c) Mayo                                                         (d) Curzon
Answer: (a)

548. Who was the Viceroy when the first Census was held in 1872?
(a) Mayo                                                       (b) Curzon
(c) Hardinge II                                              (d) Minto I
Answer: (a)

549. Who was the viceroy when the first regular census was held in 1881:
(a) Ripon                                                        (b) Lytton
(c) Mayo                                                         (d) Hardinge I
Answer: (a)

550. Who was the Viceroy when the interim government assumed power on 2nd September, 1946?
(a) Irwin                                                             (b) Wellington
(c) Linlithgo                                                       (d) Wavell
Answer: (d)
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