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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -25

601. The disease caused by Treponema palledium
(a) Syphilis                                (b) Gonorrhoea
(c) Pneumonia                         (d) Typhus
Answer: (a)

602. Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of:
(a) Kidney                                   (b) Uterus
(c) Ovary                                     (d) Tumour
Answer: (b)

603. ‘Black flag’ is the symbol of:
(a) Protest                                  (b) Distress
(c) Danger                                   (d) Revolution
Answer: (a)

604. The Battle of Kannauj fought between Humayun and Sher Shah in the year:
(a) 1539                                     (b) 1540
(c) 1556                                      (d) 1526
Answer: (b)

605. Who conquered Goa in 1510?
(a) Vasco da Gama                    (b) Almeida
(c) Albuquerque                        (d) Cabral
Answer: (c)

606. The year of Black Hole Tragedy of Bengal:
(a) 1756                                       (b) 1757
(c) 1758                                       (d) 1759
Answer: (a)

607. In Uttar Pradesh, the seat of High Court is:
(a) Allahabad                                (b) Lucknow
(c) Kanpur                                      (d) New Delhi
Answer: (a)

608. “India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of S tates” occurs in which of the
following Articles of Indian Constitution?
(a) 2                                                       (b) 1
(c) 7                                                        (d) 8
Answer: (b)

609. As a non-member who can particip ate to the proceedings of either House of
(a) Vice President                             (b) Attorney General
(c) Chief Justice                                  (d) Chief Election Commissioner
Answer: (b)

610. Jatra is folk dance drama popular in the villages of:
(a) West Bengal                                  (b) Assam
(c) Tamil Nadu                                   (d) Gujarat
Answer: (a)

611. On which river is the Bhakra Nangal project built?
(a) Kosi                                                  (b) Beas
(c) Jhulum                                             (d) Sutlej
Answer: (d)

612. In the second nationalisation of commercial banks, …… banks were
(a) 6                                                         (b) 9
(c) 8                                                          (d) 5
Answer: (a)

613. India’ s first large scale steel plant in private sector was established at:
(a) Kulti                                                   (b) Burnpur
(c) Jamshedpur                                     (d) Digboi
Answer: (c)

614. Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd. is situated at:
(a) Mumbai                                              (b) Cochin
(c) Visakhapatnam                               (d) Kolkatt a
Answer: (d)

615. The oldest paramilit ary force in India:
(a) BSF                                                     (b) CISF
(c) Assam Rifles                                  (d) ITBP
Answer: (c)

616. Kaiga Power Projet is in the st ate of:
(a) Gujarat                                             (b) Karnat aka
(c) Tamil Nadu                                     (d) Assam
Answer: (b)

617. Indian Cancer Research Centre is situated at:
(a) Mumbai                                          (b) New Delhi
(c) Pune                                                (d) Kolkatta
Answer: (a)

618. Who is associated to “Inherit ance of acquired character theory”?
(a) Charles Darwin                             (b) Weisman
(c) Lamarck                                          (d) De Vries
Answer: (c)

619. In which country lake Van is situated?
(a) Egypt                                              (b) Turkey
(c) Finland                                           (d) Jap an
Answer: (b)

620. The official historian of Indian National Congress:
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Dr.Rajedraprasad
(c) Patt abhi Seetharamaiah
(d) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Answer: (c)

621. The width of a foot ball goal post:
(a) 24 feet                                        (b) 18 feet
(c) 20 feet                                         (d) 16 feet
Answer: (a)

622. Who said this “Let them eat cakes”?
(a) Louis XIV                                   (b) Louis XV
(c) Louis XVI                                   (d) Mary Antoinette
Answer: (d)

623. Which one of the following is not a constituent of Gun metal?
(a) Copper                                           (b) Iron
(c) Zinc                                                 (d) Tin
Answer: (b)

624. Big Ben clock is in:
(a) New York                                     (b) Paris
(c) Berlin                                             (d) London
Answer: (d)

625. Sorrow of Bihar:
(a) Mahanadi                                     (b) Kosi
(c) Damodar                                        (d) Brahmaputra
Answer: (b)
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