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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -90

2226. The period of the First World War:
(a) 1914-18 (b) 1915-19
(c) 1915-20 (d) 1914-17
Answer (a)

2227. The period of the Second  World War:
(a) 1940-45 (b) 1939-44
(c) 1939-46 (d) 1939-45
Answer (d)

2228. The Six-day Arab-Israel War was fought in:
(a) 1965 (b) 1966
(c) 1967 (d) 1968
Answer (c)

2229. The Gulf War was started in:
(a) 1990 (b) 1991
(c) 1994 (d) 1995
Answer (b)

2230. The first war in which UNO was intervened:
(a) Iran-Iraq War (b) Indo-Pak war
(c) Vietnam war (d) Korean War
Answer (d)

2231. The countries that share border with the largest number of other countries (14)are Russia and.....
(a) India (b) China
(c) Brazil (d) France
Answer (b)

2232. Which country has the longest land frontier?
(a) Russia (b) India
(c) China (d) Brazil
Answer (c)

2233. Which country has the largest number of frontiers (19) including maritime
(a) India (b) Britain
(c) USA (d) Indonesia
Answer (d)

2234. Which is the largest land locked country in the world?
(a) Mongolia (b) Kyrgistan
(c) Kazakhstan (d) Laos
Answer (c)

2235. The continent without land locked countries:
(a) South America (b) North America
(c) Africa (d) Europe
Answer (b)

2236. Which country has the longest coastline?
(a) Canada (b) USA
(c) Indonesia (d) Japan
Answer (a)

2237. The countries that share border with three oceans are USA and .....
(a) China (b) Russia
(c) India (d) Canada
Answer (d)

2238. An enclave within South Africa:
(a) Lesotho (b) Mali
(c) Ghana (d) Namibia
Answer (a)

2239. The countries that share the longest common land border are:
(a) Russia and China(b) USA and Mexico
(c) USA and Canada (d) India and China
Answer (c)

2240. The longest continous border in the world is:
(a) Russia and Kazakhstan         (b) USA and Mexico
(c) Russia and China                  (d) Russia and Pakistan
Answer (a)

2241. The longest undefended border in the world:
(a) Russia and China (b) USA and Mexico
(c) USA and Canada (d) India and China
Answer (c)

2242. Which three countries are building a 27-hole golf course named Emerald Triangle, on the border between them, with nine holes in each country?
(a) Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
(b) India, China, Pakistan
(c) Russia, China, Mongolia
(d) India, China, Nepal
Answer (a)

2243. The most frequently crossed international border in the world:
(a) USA- Canada (b) USA-Mexico
(c) Russia-China (d) India- Nepal
Answer (b)

2244. The only South American countries with which Brazil does not share borders are....
(a) Chile and Ecuad                        (b) Bolivia and Paraguay
(c) Argantina and Paraguay         (d) Chile and Bolivia
Answer (a)

2245. The only South American country that border with Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
(a) Brazil (b) Chile
(c) Bolivia (d) Paraguay
Answer (c)

2246. The largest land locked country in the continent of Africa:
(a) Chad (b) Niger
(c) Mali (d) Ethiopia
Answer (a)

2247. The most populous land locked country in the world:
(a) Kazakhstan (b) Mali
(c) Ethiopia (d) Niger
Answer (c)

2248. The line that separates India and Pakistan:
(a) Radcliff Line (b) Mc Mahon Line
(c) Maginot Line (d) Durant line
Answer (a)

2249. The line that separated Old British India and Afghanistan:
(a) Mc Mahon Line (b) Durant line
(c) Radcliffe Line (d) Maginot Line
Answer (b)

2250. Palk Strait separates India and .......
(a) Pakistan (b) China
(c) Maldives (d) Sri Lanka
Answer (d)
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