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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -23

551. Arundhathy Roy got Booker Prize for the year:
(a) 1996 (b) 1997
(c) 1998 (d) 1999
Answer: (b)

552. The most powerful organ of UNO:
(a) General Assembly (b) ICJ
(c) Security Council (d) ECOSOC
Answer: (c)

553. Doctor ’s day (July 1) is observed on the birth day of:
(a) Dr Khargobind Khurana
(b) Dr BC Roy
(c) Dr .Rajendraprasad
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

554.  Who said this ‘To err is human and to forgive is divine”?
(a) John Paul II
(b) Alexander Pope
(c) Jesus Christ
(d) Prophet Muhammad
Answer: (b)

555. The Mauryan emperor who embraced Buddhism and became its greatest patron:
(a) Chandragupta Maurya  (b) Asoka
 (c) Bindusara   (d) Brihadratha
Answer: (b)

556. Who founded the city of Siri?
(a) Akbar (b) Balban
(c) Qutubddin Aibek (d) Alauddin Khilji
Answer: (d)

557. The most famous ruler of Gupta dynasty:
(a) Samudragupta                     (b) Chandragupta II
(c) Chandragupta I                           (d) Kumaragupta
Answer: (b)

558. Captial of Kanishka was:
(a) Patliputra (b) Kannauj
(c) Purushapruram (d) Agra
Answer: (c)

559. Who wrote ‘Arthasastra’?
(a) Visakhadutta (b) Sudraka
(c) Vishnu Sharma (d) Chanakya
Answer: (d)

560. The first woman to become Union Minister in India:
(a) Sucheta Kripalani            (b) Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
(c) V ijayalekshmi Pandit        (d) Indira Gandhi
Answer: (b)

561. Abraham Lincoln was the ...... the president of USA:
(a) 15 (b) 16
(c) 17 (d) 18
Answer: (b)

562. Who discovered Cuba?
(a) Vasco da Gama (b) Columbus
(c) James Cook   (d) Berthalomew Diaz
Answer: (b)

563. Who was known as ‘Lady with the lamp’?
(a) Joan of Arc                     (b) Florence Nightingale
(c) Mother Theresa                (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

564. Antonio Agostinho Neto led the freedom movement in:
(a) Cyprus (b) Angola
(c) Cuba (d) Ghana
Answer: (b)

565. The US president who was elected unopposed:
(a) Abraham Lincoln      (b) George Washington
(c) John Adams                 (d) Thomas Jefferson
Answer: (b)

566. The last king of Sunga dynasty:
(a) Dhanananda (b) Devabhuti
(c) Brahadratha (d) Kunala
Answer: (b)

567. Father of White Revolution in India:
(a) V ikram Sarabhai          (b) C Subramanyam
(c) V arghese Kurien          (d)  MS Swaminathan
Answer: (c)

568. Who was called ‘Gurudev’?
(a) Tagore (b) Gandhiji
(c) Aurobindo Ghosh (d) Nehru
Answer: (a)

569. The first Chinese pilgrim to visit India:
(a) Huan Tsang (b) Megasthenes
(c) Fahien (d) Marco Polo
Answer: (c)

570. Lingaraja temple is in:
(a) Cutt ack (b) Konark
(c) Puri (d) Bhuavaneswar
Answer: (d)

571. Ruins of ancient Buddhist university can be seen at:
(a)  Saranath (b) Sanchi
(c) Kushinagar (d) Nalanda
Answer: (d)

572. Agra is on the banks of:
(a) Ganga (b) Yamuna
(c) Gomati (d) Sarayu
Answer: (b)

573. The largest cave temple in India:
(a) Ajanta (b) Ellora
(c) Elephanta (d) Amarnath
Answer: (b)

574. The largest island in the world:
(a) Greenland (b) Great Britain
(c) Russia (d) Madagascar
Answer: (a)

575. Which is known as ‘Blue Mountains’?
(a) Satpuras (b) V indyas
(c) Nilgiris (d) Himalayas
Answer: (c)
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