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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -42

1026. Who invented Safety lamp?
(a) Alfred Nobel        (b) William Ramsay
(c) Edison                     (d) Humphrey Devy
Answer: (d)

1027. Isac Newton who is famous for his discovery of Laws of gravitation and
three laws of motion, was born in:
(a) France                                              (b) Germany
(c) Spain                                                  (d) England
Answer: (d)

1028. Who discovered steam engine?
(a) James Watt                                   (b) Daimler
(c) Chrystler                                      (d) Benz
Answer: (a)

1029. Who wrote ‘Paradise Lost’?
(a) Shelly                                            (b) Keats
(c) John Milton                                 (d) Shakespeare
Answer: (c)

1030. Who is known as the maid of orleans?
(a) Mother Theresa                        (b) Joan of Arc
(c) Cleopatra                                  (d) Florence Nightingale
Answer: (b)

1031. Goathe was a/an ...... writer.
(a) Italian                                       (b) English
(c) German                                    (d) French
Answer: (c)

1032. Who postulated Atomic Theory?
(a) Heisenberg                             (b) Neils Bohr
(c) Madam Curie                         (d) John Dalton
Answer: (d)

1033. John Logie Baird invented:
(a) Computer                                    (b) Typewriter
(c) Gramophone                            (d) Television
Answer: (d)

1034. The first Roman Catholic to become the US president:
(a) Theodore Roosevelt                     (b) Eisenhower
(c) FD Roosevelt                                  (d) John F Kennedy
Answer: (d)

1035. Kamal Ataturk is regared as the builder of modern..........:
(a) Egypt                                             (b) Greece
(c) Turkey                                          (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1036. National Voter’s Day:
(a) January 25                                          (b) January 26
(c) January 27                                          (d) January 28
Answer: (a)

1037. National Newspaper’s Day:
(a) January 26                                           (b) January 29
(c) January 30                                           (d) January 31
Answer: (b)

1038. Census Day in India:
(a) February 19                                        (b) February 10
(c) February 9                                           (d) February 17
Answer: (c)

1039. World Tuberculosis Day:
(a) January  30                                             (b) March 24
(c) March 26                                                 (d) March 30
Answer: (b)

1040. Which day is held on third Friday of March?
(a) World Sleep day                                  (b) World Malaria Day
(c) World Coconut Day                            (d) World Rabies Day
Answer: (a)

1041. World Parkinson’s Day is observed on:
(a) April 1                                                    (b) April 18
(c) April 17                                                  (d) April 11
Answer: (d)

1042. World Coconut day is observed on:
(a) September 1                                       (b) September 22
(c) September 2                                       (d) October 2
Answer: (c)

1043. World Green Consumer Day:
(a) September 27                                       (b) September 18
(c) September 5                                          (d) September 28
Answer: (d)

1044. World  Polio Day:
(a) November  20                                         (b) September 23
(c) October 24                                               (d) September 30
Answer: (c)

1045. World Television Day:
(a) November 21                                          (b) October 24
(c) November 19                                          (d) August 15
Answer: (a)

1046. National Minorities Rights Day:
(a) December 10                                             (b) December 18
(c) December 28                                             (d) December 31
Answer: (b)

1047. World Mental Health Day is on:
(a) October 1                                                    (b) October 10
(c) September 10                                            (d) November 10
Answer: (b)

1048. World Oceans Day is observed on:
(a) June 5                                                              (b) June 6
(c) July 11                                                             (d) June 8
Answer: (d)

1049. World Computer Literacy day:
(a) December 2                                                  (b) December 1
(c) December 10                                                (d) December 22
Answer: (a)

1050. Hindi Day is observed on:
(a) September 26                                                   (b) October 2
(c) September 14                                                   (d) November 14
Answer: (c)
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