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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -79

1951. Indian Institute of Petroleum is at:
(a) Mumbai                                                (b) Chennai
(c) Digboi                                                    (d) Dehra Dun
Answer: (d)

1952. Which is not situated at Bangalore?
(a) Indian Institute of Science
(b) National Aeronautical Laboratory
(c) Tuberculosis Research Centre
(d) National Tuberculosis Institute
Answer: (c)

1953. Which is not in Lucknow?
(a) National Botanical Research Institute
(b) Industrial Toxicological Research Centre
(c) Central Drug Research Institute
(d) Central Food Technological Research Institute
Answer: (d)

1954. Select the wrongly matched:
(a) All India Malaria Institute- New Delhi
(b) Cholera Research Centre- Mumbai
(c) King Institute of Preventive Medicine- Chennai
(d) National Institute of Mental Health- Bangalore
Answer: (b)

1955. National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located at:
(a) New Delhi                                         (b) Kolkata
(c) Chennai                                             (d) Pune
Answer: (a)

1956. National Institute of Oceanography is located at:
(a) New Delhi                                              (b) Mumbai
(c) Panaji                                                      (d) Cochin
Answer: (c)

1957. Where is Indian Institute of Sugar Technology?
(a) New Delhi                                          (b) Kanpur
(c) Ranchi                                                 (d) Mumbai
Answer: (b)

1958. Indian Lac Research Institute is at:
(a) Patna                                                    (b) Dhanbad
(c) Jamshedpur                                        (d) Ranchi
Answer: (d)

1959. National Chemical Laboratory is at:
(a) New Delhi                                        (b) Ahmedabad
(c) Nasik                                                 (d) Pune
Answer: (d)

1960. National Metullurgical Laboratory is at:
(a) Jamshedpur                                      (b) Dhanbad
(c) Bangalore                                            (d) New Delhi
Answer: (a)

1961. The headquarters of Indian Army:
(a) New Delhi                                          (b) Kolkata
(c) Mumbai                                              (d) Chennai
Answer: (a)

1962. Who is regarded as the father of Indian Army?
(a) Pethic Lawrence                           (b) Stringer Lawrence
(c) Dalhousie                                        (d) Cornwallis
Answer: (b)

1963. The first Indian to become the Commander-inChief of Indian Army:
(a) Manekshaw                                   (b) SM Mukherjee
(c) KM Kariappa                                  (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1964. India’s first military base outside India is in the country of:
(a) Tajikistan                                       (b) Kazakhstan
(c) Uzbekistan                                    (d) Kyrgistan
Answer: (a)

1965. Where is Armed Forces Medical College?
(a) Dehra Dun                                              (b) Pune
(c) New Delhi                                            (d) Kolkata
Answer: (b)

1966. Where is National Defence Academy?
(a) Dehra Dun                                       (b) New Delhi
(c) Khadakvasla                                    (d) Mussorie
Answer: (c)

1967. The first Field Marshall of independent India:
(a) KM Kariappa                                   (b) Manekshaw
(c) Arjan Singh                                       (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1968. The second Field Marshall of independent India:
(a) Arjan Singh                                 (b) KM Kariappa
(c) Manekshaw                                  (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1969. The first indigenously built missile of India:
(a) Pritvi                                          (b) Nag
(c) Agni                                             (d) Trishul
Answer: (a)

1970. The first indigenously built air-to-air missile of India:
(a) Maitri                                             (b) Asthra
(c) Nag                                                (d) Akash
Answer: (b)

1971. The chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission when India conducted its first nuclear explosion:
(a) Homi Sethna                                 (b) Raja Ramanna
(c) Nag Chaudhuri                              (d) Homi Bhabha
Answer: (a)

1972. In which district is Pokhran?
(a) Jaipur                                                 (b) Ajmer
(c) Alwar                                                (d) Jaisalmer
Answer: (d)

1973. Who is regarded as the father of atom bomb of India:
(a) Raja Ramanna                                  (b) Nag Chaudhuri
(c) Homi Sethna                                     (d) PK Iyengar
Answer: (a)

1974. The first country which is not a permanent member of UN Security council to conduct a nuclear experiment:
(a) Pakistan                                                 (b) South Korea
(c) Iran                                                       (d) India
Answer: (d)

1975. Name the country which helped India for the development and execution of nuclear device in 1974:
(a) France                                              (b) Canada
(c) Australia                                           (d) Russia
Answer: (b)
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