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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -80

1976. Prime Minister of India during the Pokhran explosion of 1998:
(a) Dewegouda                                      (b) VP Singh
(c) Chandrasekhar                                 (d) AB Vajpayee
Answer: (d)

1977. India conducted second nuclear experiment in the year:
(a) 1998                                                (b) 1999
(c) 2000                                                 (d) 2001
Answer: (a)

1978. Apsara started functioning in:
(a) 1954                                               (b) 1955
(c) 1956                                                (d) 1958
Answer: (c)

1979. Tarapur Atomic power station started functioning in:
(a) 1967                                             (b) 1968
(c) 1969                                               (d) 1970
Answer: (c)

1980. India’s second nuclear reactor:
(a) Cirus                                              (b) Zerlina
(c) Dhruva                                         (d) Kamini
Answer: (a)

1981. The Viceroy of British India who resigned over the question of Egypt:
(a) Curzon                                                           (b) Dufferin
(c) Ripon                                                              (d) Minto II
Answer: (c)

1982. The word ‘National’ was added to the name of Congress during the Nagpur
session of:
(a) 1891                                                                    (b) 1892
(c) 1897                                                                     (d) 1899
Answer: (a)

1983. The word ‘Swaraj’ was first used in the Congress platform in the 1906 session of:
(a) Pune                                                                 (b) Lucknow
(c) Surat                                                                 (d) Kolkata
Answer: (d)

1984. The year of ‘Black hole’ episode of Calcutta:
(a) 1755                                                                 (b) 1756
(c) 1757                                                                 (d) 1758
Answer: (b)

1985. Ulgulan was a movement of the:
(a) Agarias                                                           (b) Juangs
(c) Mundas                                                          (d) Hos
Answer: (c)

1986. What was the real name of Bahadur Shah I, who emerged victorious in the
war of succession after Aurangazeb?
(a) Muazzam                                                          (b) Salim
(c) Farid                                                                  (d) Khurram
Answer: (a)

1987. Which modern historian opined that “the so called First National War of Independence of 1857 isneither First, nor National, nor War of Independence.” ?
(a) S.N.Sen                                                                (b) Tara Chand
(c) R.C.Majumdar                                                   (d) K.K.Dutta
Answer: (c)

1988. Which session of the Indian National Congress decided to reorganise
Provincial Congress Committees on the basis of linguistic areas:
(a) 1920 Nagpur                                                     (b) 1911 Kolkata
(c) 1916 Lucknow                                                  (d) 1924 Belgaum
Answer: (a)

1989. Which tribal leader was regarded as an incarnation of God and Father of the World?
(a) Kanhu Santha                                                      (b) Rupa Naik
(c) Birsa Munda                                                         (d) Joria Bhagat
Answer: (c)

1990. Who among the following was the editor of ‘Deenabandhu’?
(a) Dadabhai Naoroji                                              (b) Jotiba Phule
(c) Robert Knight                                                     (d) Manmohan Ghosh
Answer: (b)

1991. Who was the founder of Amritsar?
Guru Ram Das

1992. What important event in Indian or World History took place in the year 712
Arabs conquered sindh

1993. What was the court language of Mughals?

1994. Who was the head of the British Government in India when the congress for the first time passed its famous resolution for complete independence at Lahore?
Lord Irwin

1995. When was the first Atom Bomb exploded?

1996. In which year was the first General Elections (after independence) in India took place?

1997. In which year was China attacked India?

1998. In which year ``Quit India'' Movement was launched by Indian National Congress?

1999. Goa was liberated on

2000. In which year did Asoka conquer Kalinga?
261 BC
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