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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -48

1176. Dhooth Sagar waterfalls is in ........ river:
(a) Zuari                                                                   (b) Mandovi
(c) Kaveri                                                                 (d) Godavari
Answer: (b)

1177.  Thimmayya helped the ......... to conquer Goa from the rulers of Bijapur:
(a) British                                                                (b) French
(c) Dutch                                                                 (d) Portuguese
Answer: (d)

1178. Goa comes under the jurisdction of ..... High Court:
(a) Gujarat                                                               (b) Bombay
(c) Madras                                                               (d) Karnataka
Answer: (b)

1179. Goa is the ....th state of India.
(a) 23                                                                      (b) 24
(c) 25                                                                       (d) 22
Answer: (c)

1180. Major port in Goa:
(a) Panaji                                                               (b) Murmugao
(c) Dabolim                                                          (d) Mandovi
Answer: (b)

1181. The region in India which witnessed the longest colonial rule:
(a) Malabar                                                             (b) Goa
(c) Delhi                                                                   (d) Mahe
Answer: (b)

1182. Which state has the highest percentage of urban population as per 2001
(a) Maharashtra                                                        (b) Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu                                                          (d) Goa
Answer: (d)

1183. Terekhol river separates Goa from .......
(a) Kerala                                                                      (b) Karnataka
(c) Gujarat                                                                     (d) Maharashtra
Answer: (d)

1184. Dabolim is famous as a/an......
(a) National Park                                                         (b) Airport
(c) Major port                                                               (d) Capital city
Answer: (b)

1185. The main food crop of Goa:
(a) Rice                                                                             (b) Wheat
(c) Banana                                                                       (d) Mango
Answer: (a)

1186. The first satellite freight city in India:
(a) Panipat                                          (b) Ambala
(c) Chandigarh                                   (d) Gurgaon
Answer: (d)

1187. Haryana is the ....... State where Mobile Portability System was launched by Telecom Department:.
(a) First                                                  (b) Second
(c) Third                                                (d) Fourth
Answer: (a)

1188. Bird sanctuary is in Haryana:
(a) Ghana                                                (b) Guindy
(c) Sultanpur                                          (d) Rangathittu
Answer: (c)

1189. Haryana state was created in:
(a) 1956                                                     (b) 1966
(c) 1960                                                     (d) 1970
Answer: (b)

1190. Which place is not in Haryana?
(a) Kurukshetra                                        (b) Karnal
(c) Patiala                                                   (d) Faridabad
Answer: (c)

1191. The tourist complexes in Haryana are named after......
(a) Birds                                                       (b) Reptiles
(c) Mammals                                                (d) Animals
Answer: (a)

1192. Haryana is  the first state in north India to implement .....
(a) Crop insurance                                     (b) Large scale lift irrigation
(c) Identity cards to all voters                (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

1193. Which is known as the ‘beautiful city’ in India?
(a) Gurgaon                                                    (b) Chandigarh
(c) Panipat                                                      (d) Hissar
Answer: (b)

1194. National Diary Reasearch Institute is in:
(a) Chandigarh                                              (b) Karnal
(c) Rohtak                                                       (d) Sonepat
Answer: (b)

1195. First state to electrify all the villages:
(a) Punjab                                                        (b) UP
(c) Haryana                                                     (d) Kerala
Answer: (c)

1196. ....... is a joint venture of Rajastan,
Punjab and Haryana:
(a) Nathpa Jhakri                                              (b) Baghlihar
(c) Sardar Sarovar                                            (d) Bhakra Nangal
Answer: (d)

1197. The main language of Haryana is ......
(a) Punjabi                                                           (b) Pahari
(c) Hindi                                                                (d) Gujarati
Answer: (c)

1198. ...... is known as weaver’s city:
(a) Panipat                                                           (b) Gurgaon
(c) Faridabad                                                      (d) Karnal
Answer: (a)

1199. Select the year which is not related to Battle of Panipat:
(a) 1556                                                                (b) 1526
(c) 1576                                                                 (d) 1761
Answer: (b)

1200. Thein Dam is now known as:
(a) Renjith Sagar                                                    (b) Gobind Sagar
(c) Pant sagar                                                           (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
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