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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -29

701. In which country Green Revolution was started?
(a) Mexico                                                 (b) Philippines
(c) USA                                                        (d) France
Answer: (a)

702. The first Asian country to start Green Revolution:
(a) Japan                                                    (b) India
(c) Philippines                                          (d) China
Answer: (c)

703. Which country discovered paper?
(a) China                                                   (b) Britain
(c) France                                                 (d) Italy
Answer: (a)

704. In which country the first news paper in the world was published?
(a) Japan                                                  (b) China
(c) Britain                                               (d) Sweden
Answer: (b)

705. Decimal system was originated in:
(a) China                                        (b) India
(c) Greece                                      (d) Egypt
Answer: (b)

706. In which country the first telephone exchange was established?
(a) USA                                           (b) UK
(c) France                                      (d) Germany
Answer: (a)

707. Railway was started in:
(a) Germany                                    (b) France
(c) England                                      (d) Spain
Answer: (c)

708. Which civilization made solar calendar for the first time?
(a) Chinese                                      (b) Mesopotamian
(c) Sumerian                                   (d) Egyptian
Answer: (d)

709. Which civilization made lunar calendar for the first time?
(a) Mesopotamian                           (b) Chinese
(c) Egyptian                                        (d) Sumerian
Answer: (a)

710. In which country the first employment exchange was established?
(a) France                                           (b) India
(c) USA                                                 (d) China
Answer: (c)

711. Metro railway was started in:
(a) China                                               (b) USA
(c) Japan                                                (d) England
Answer: (d)

712. The technique of writing was invented by...... civilization.
(a) Sumerian                                        (b) Egyptian
(c) Inca                                                     (d) Chinese
Answer: (a)

713. Printing was discovered by ...... civilization:
(a) Chinese                                               (b) Mesopotamian
(c) Egyptian                                             (d) Sumerian
Answer: (a)

714. Printing press was discovered by:
(a) England                                             (b) Germany
(c) France                                                (d) Italy
Answer: (b)

715. Industrial revolution was started in:
(a) Russia                                                (b) Italy
(c) Germany                                            (d) England
Answer: (d)

716. In which country renaissance was started?
(a) Italy                                                  (b) Germany
(c) Britain                                              (d) Spain
Answer: (a)

717. In which country reformation was started?
(a) France                                               (b) Britain
(c) Germany                                           (d) Portugal
Answer: (c)

718. Radio broadcasting was started for the first time in:
(a) USA                                                    (b) France
(c) England                                             (d) Spain
Answer: (c)

719. Television telecasting was started for the first time in:
(a) England                                              (b) USA
(c) Germany                                               (d) Italy
Answer: (a)

720. Which country discovered gun powder?
(a) India                                                   (b) China
(c) England                                            (d) France
Answer: (b)

721. Cannon was discovered by:
(a) Egypt                                                      (b) England
(c) China                                                       (d) India
Answer: (c)

722. In which country the modern police system was evolved?
(a) England                                                (b) France
(c) USA                                                         (d) Greece
Answer: (a)

723. In which country the first finger print bureau in the world was established?
(a) India                                                      (b) England
(c) France                                                   (d) Germany
Answer: (a)

724. Metric system for weight and measures was evolved in:
(a) China                                                         (b) Russia
(c) Italy                                                            (d) France
Answer: (d)

725. Zero was discovered by:
(a) Egypt                                                         (b) China
(c) England                                                     (d) India
Answer: (d)
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