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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -31

751. Who called Egypt ‘the gift of the Nile’?
(a) Hippocrates                                    (b) Cicero
(c) Herodotus                                       (d) Ptolemy
Answer: (c)

752. The capital of Egypt:
(a) Khartoum                                       (b) Cairo
(c) Bamako                                           (d) Cape Town
Answer: (b)

753. Egypt is the ....... most populous country in the continent of Africa.
(a) Fourth                                                 (b) Third
(c) second                                                 (d) Fifth
Answer: (b)

754. Egypt is known as:
(a) Land of Cakes                                    (b) Land of Lilies
(c) Land of Maple                                    (d) Land of Pyramid
Answer: (d)

755. The Suez Canal was opened in .........
(a) 1869                                                       (b) 1879
(c) 1889                                                       (d) 1909
Answer: (a)

756. The Suez Canal connects Mediterranean Sea and .........
(a) Atlantic Ocean                                     (b) Red Sea
(c) Pacific Ocean                                        (d) Black Sea
Answer: (b)

757. The Suez Canal was nationalised in.......
(a) 1955                                                     (b) 1957
(c) 1956                                                      (d) 1958
Answer: (c)

758. The Egyptian president who nationalized Suez Canal:
(a) Hozni Mubarak                                        (b) Anwar Sadat
(c) Abdul Nasser                                      (d) Ferdinand de Lesseps
Answer: (c)

759. The architect of Suez canal is .........
(a) Gustav Eiffel                                             (b) Ferdinand de Lesseps
(c) Bartholdi                                                   (d) Corbusier
Answer: (b)

760. The nationality of Ferdinand de Lesseps:
(a) Egypt                                                           (b) USA
(c) Switzerland                                                (d) France
Answer: (d)

761. The length of Suez Canal is now ....... kms
(a) 192                                                                (b) 292
(c) 392                                                                (d) 492
Answer: (a)

762. ......... is the Asian part of Egypt.
(a) Gaza                                                              (b) Sinai Peninsula
(c) Anatolia                                                        (d) Asia Minor
Answer: (b)

763. T he city of Alexandria was founded by ...... in B.C.332.
(a) Caesar                                                          (b) Cleopatra
(c) Alexander the Great                                 (d) Ptolemy
Answer: (c)

764. .......was the script of ancient Egyptians.
(a) Hieroglyphics                                              (b) Cuneiform
(c) Pictographic                                                 (d) Devanagari
Answer: (a)

765. Ancient Egyptians worshipped ........
(a) Rats                                                               (b) Cats
(c) Tiger   

766. Who among the following was the queen of Egypt?
(a) Sheba                                                            (b) Victoria
(c) Cleopatra                                                     (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

767. The first woman ruler in the world history is ........ of Egypt, a woman Faroa.
(a) Hathshepsut                                              (b) Sheba
(c) Helen                                                            (d) Cleopatra
Answer: (a)

768. Which of the following is in Egypt?
(a) Colossium                                                   (b) Hagia Sofia
(c) Sphinx                                                          (d) Machu Pichu
Answer: (c)

769. In which country is Giza pyramid?
(a) Mexico                                                         (b) Egypt
(c) Sudan                                                           (d) Congo
Answer: (b)

770. Who ruled Egypt in ancient times?
(a) Caesar                                                        (b) Nizam
(c) Pharaoh                                                    (d) Kaizer
Answer: (c)

771. Which is developed for the first time by the Egyptians?
(a) Compass                                                    (b) Paper
(c) Solar Calendar                                        (d) Gun powder
Answer: (c)

772. Which Dam is in Egypt?
(a) Three Gorges                                             (b) Aswan
(c) Tehri                                                            (d) Hoover
Answer: (b)

773. Which mountain in Egypt is holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims?
(a) Ararat                                                          (b) Table Mount
(c) Sinai                                                             (d) Calvary
Answer: (c)

774. ....... was used for the first time by the Egyptians.
(a) Copper                                                      (b) Gold
(c) Iron                                                            (d) Silver
Answer: (a)

775. Lake Nasser is formed in the river......
(a) Orange                                                     (b) Congo
(c) Niger                                                        (d) Nile
Answer: (d)
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