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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -20

476. In which continent is Atlas mountain?
(a) Asia (b) North America
(c) South America (d) Africa
Answer: (d)

477. In which st ate is Naina Devi Temple?
(a) Haryana
(b) Jammu Kashmir
(c) Gujarat
(d) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: (b)

478. The sugar bowl of the world:
(a) Portugal (b) India
(c) Jamaica (d) Cuba
Answer: (d)

479. Lenin passed away in:
(a) 1924 (b) 1928
(c) 1930 (d) 1948
Answer: (a)

480. The national calender of India is based on .....Era:
(a) Kollam Era (b) Gregorian
(c) Saka (d) Hijra
Answer: (c)

481. The smallest district in India:
(a) Yanam (b) Alappuzha
(c) Chennai (d) Mahe
Answer: (d)

482. The first st ate formed on linguistic basis in 1953:
(a) Andhra (b) Rajast an
(c) Karnat aka (d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: (a)

483. Gurgaon where the factory of Maruti Udyog Limited is situated is in the
state of:
(a) Haryana (b) Punjab
(c) Assam (d) West Bengal
Answer: (a)

484. The first Insurance company inIndia:
(a) Orient al Life Insurance Company
(b) Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society
(c) National Insurance Company
(d) United Insurance Company
Answer: (a)

485. Tamasha is a dance form in:
(a) Maharashtra (b) Kerala
(c) Karnat aka (d) Orissa
Answer: (a)

486. Which city was known as Kusumpur, Pushpapura, Azimabad in different periods?
(a) Patna (b) Delhi
(c) Kolkat a (d) Bhopal
Answer: (a)

487. Arthasastra is a book on:
(a) Philosophy (b) Statecraft
(c) Astronomy (d) Geography
Answer: (b)

488. Who was known as ‘Madurai Konda Chola’?
(a) Vijyalaya (b) Rajendra
(c) Rajaraja (d) Parantaka
Answer: (d)

489. Name the Governor General who was called ‘Akbar of British India’?
(a) Wellesley (b) Curzon
(c) William Bentick (d) Dufferin
Answer: (a)

490. The incident which compelled Gandhiji to repeal non-cooperation movement?
(a) Wagon tragedy                        (b) Jallianwallabagh Massacre
(c) Chauri-Chaura incident         (d) Champaran satyagraha 
Answer: (c)

491. The Prime Minister of India when SAARC was formed in 1985 December:
(a) Rajeev Gandhi (b) Indira Gandhi
(c) V.P.Singh (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

492. The Act which introduced diarchy or dual government for the first time:
(a) Govt. of India Act, 1919
(b) Govt. of India Act, 1935
(c) Indian Council Act, 1909
(d) Indian Council Act, 1892
Answer: (a)

493. The tenure of member of Rajya Sabha is ...... years.
(a) 4                    (b) 5
(c) 6                    (d) Permanent
Answer: (c)

494. Which Article of the Constitution deals with Amendment procedure?
(a) 360                    (b) 370
(c) 368                      (d) 356
Answer: (c)

495. The name ‘Exide’ is related to:
(a) Tyres                        (b) Battery
(c) Mobile phone        (d) Computer
Answer: (b)

496. In which date the first ministry came into power?
(a) 5th April, 1957
(b) 16th March, 1957
(c) 28th February, 1957
(d) 31st July, 1959
Answer: (a)

497. Only leader to become Deputy Chief Minister of Kerala twice.
(a) R Sankar                                       (b) Awkkaderkutty Naha
(c) C H Muhammad Koya               (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

498. In which river the Dharmadom island is situated?
(a) Periyar                (b) Chaliyar
(c) Kabani                  (d) Anchrakkandy
Answer: (d)

499. Which district in Kerala has the largest number of National Parks:
(a) Wayanad (b) Palakkad
(c) Ernakulam (d) Idukky
Answer: (d)

500. The first minister in the history of Kerala to fail in  by-election:
(a) K.Muraleedharan (b) MV Raghavan
(c) R.Balakrishna Pillai (d) None of these
Answer: (a)
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