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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -61

1501. Who was the founder of Khudai Khitmatgars (Servants of God)?
(a) SirSyed Ahmed Khan
(b) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(c) Nawab Abdul Latif
(d) MA Jinnah
Ans: (b) 

1502.  Who was the founder of Muslim League?
(a)MA Jinnah         (b)AghaKhan
(c) Liaqat Ali Khan (d)    Muhammad Iqbal
Ans: (b)

1503. Who was the founder of the Pakistan national movement?
(a)Iqbal                    (b) Jinnah
(c) Rehmat Ali       (d) Aga Khan
Ans: (c) 

1504. Who was the last Governor General of British India?
(a)Rajagopalachari (b) Lord Wire 11
(c) Lord Mountbatten (d) Lord Linlithgo
 Ans: (c)

1505. Who was the leader and inspirer of the Young Bengal Movement?
(a)Tagore    (b) SN Bannerjee
(c) H V Derozio      (d) None of these
Ans: (c)

1506. Who was the political guru of Gopal Krishna Gokhale?
(a)Dadabhai Navroji    (b) WC Bannerjee
(c) SN Bannerjee           (d)MGRanade
Ans: (d)

1507. Who was the political guru of Subhas Chandra Bose?
(a) Chitharaqjan Das                 (b) Aurobindo Ghosh
(c) Tagore                                       (d) Dadabhi Navroji
Ans: (a) 

1508. Who was the president of INC when India got independence?
(a)Rajendraprasad (b) Maulana Azad
 (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) JB Kripalani
Ans: (d) 

1509. Who was the president of INC when it split in the Surat session in 1907?
(a)Rash Behari Ghosh (b) GK Gokhale
(c) AC Majumdar (d) MM Malavjya
Ans: (a)

1510. Who was the president of INC when the resolution for complete independence 1929?
(a)Jawaharlai Nehru (b) Lajpath Rai
 (c)Motilal Nehru (d) Chitharanjan Das
Ans: (a) 

1511. Who was the president of Indian National Congress when it launched Quit India Movement?
(a) Subash Bose                     (b) JB Kripalani
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru               (d) Abul Kalam Azad 
Ans: (d) 

1512. Who was the prime minister of England when India got independence?
(a)  Winston Churchill            (b)  Ramsay Me Donald
(c)  Clement Atlee                   (d)  Neville Chamberlain

1513. Who started Brahma Samqj of India alter the schism in Brahma Samaj?
(a) Iswar Chandra Vidhya Sagar
(b) Keshav Chandra Sen
(c) Athmaram Pandurang
(d) None of these
Ans: (b) 

1514. ‘Prabudha Bharat’ was a paper published in English by:
(a) Louis Vivian Derozio                                (b) G.H. Deshmukh
(c) Swami Vivekanand                                   (d) Swami Dayanand
Answer: (c)

1515. Brave heroine of Nagaland during the civil disobedience movement:
(a) Begum Hazratmahal                                (b) Rani Gaidulu
(c)Rani Lakshmi Bhai                                     (d) Rani Parvathi Bhai
Answer: (b)

1516. During the decline of Mughal Empire, the Jats were organized into a political
force by:
(a) Rajaram                                                      (b) Churaman
(c) Badan Singh                                              (d) Surajmal
Answer: (d)

1517. The founder of ‘Mahila Rashtriya Sangh’:
(a) Lathika Ghosh                                         (b) Sarala Devi
(c) Preethi Vadekar                                     (d) Kasthurba Gandhi
Answer: (a)

1518. The founder of ‘Sathysodhak Samaj’:
(a) Ranade                                    (b) Eswar Chandra Vidhyadsagar
(c) Jotiba Phule                                            (d) Athmaram Pandurang
Answer: (c)

1519. The Indian association was established in 1876 in:
(a) Bombay                                                      (b) Pune
(c) Allahabad                                                   (d) Calcutta
Answer: (d)

1520. The leader who escaped from the custody of the British and went to
Germany secretly to met Hitler:
(a) Chempakaraman Pillai                                 (b) Rash Behari Bose
(c) Subhas Chandra Bose                                    (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1521. The Maratha Chief, Sambaji was executed during the reign of:
(a) Jahangir                                                                (b) Shah Jehan
(c) Aurangazeb                                                     (d) Mohabat Khan
Answer: (c)

1522. The mutiny of 1857 failed because:
(a) The British have powerful arms
(b) The British outnumbered the Indians
(c) Of the lack of proper planning and leadership
(d) It was premature
Answer: (c)

1523. The name of Colonel Sleeman is associated with:
(a) The Sind Campaign                                         (b) The abolition of Thuggees
(c) The campaign against Pindaris                   (d)  None of these
Answer: (b)

1524. The place where the first war of independence was led by Kunwar Singh:
(a) Bareilly                                                           (b) Faizabad
(c) Jagdishpur                                                     (d) Kanpur
Answer: (c)

1525. The Radical Democratic Party was formed in 1940 by:
(a) N.D.Majumdar                                               (b) S.C.Bose
(c) B.R.Ambedkar                                                (d) M.N.Roy
Answer: (d)
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