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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -33

801. The movement that led to the formation of Israel:
(a) Communism                                           (b) Nihilism
(c) Zionist movement                                (d) Khmer Rougue
Answer: (c)

802. Israel was formed in ........
(a) 1948                                                       (b) 1947
(c) 1949                                                       (d) 1950
Answer: (a)

803.  Zionism founded by .........
(a) Weisman                                                (b) Theodor Herzl
(c) Einstein                                                  (d) Golda Meir
Answer: (b)

804. Sea of Galilee is a ........ in Israel.
(a) River                                                          (b) Mountain
(c) fresh water lake                                     (d) Waterfalls
Answer: (c)

805. The Yom Kippur war  was fought between Israel and the Arab countries
of Egypt and Syria in:
(a) 1970           (b) 1971         (c) 1972        (d) 1973
Answer: (d)

806. The Six Day War was fought between Israel on one side and Egypt, Syria and Jordan on the other side in......
(a) 1967           (b) 1968           (c) 1969               (d) 1970
Answer: (a)

807. Dome of the Rock is a holy place to:
(a) Christians                                                        (b) Jews
(c) Muslims                                                           (d) Bahai sect
Answer: (c)

808. The third holiest place of Muslims:
(a) Medina                                                          (b) Al Aqsa mosque
(c) Mecca                                                             (d) Hagia Sophia
Answer: (b)

809. The country where military service is compulsory for women is.........
(a) Saudi Arabia                                             (b) Iraq
(c) Syria                                                            (d) Israel
Answer: (d)

810. The official language of Israel:
(a) Hebrew                                                     (b) Latin
(c) Spanish                                                      (d) Turkish
Answer: (a)

811.The first prime minister of Israel.
(a) David Ben Gurion                                      (b) Theodor Herzl
 (c) Weisman                                                     (d) Golda Meir
Answer: (a)

812. The........ is currently governed by Israel.
(a) Sinai Peninsula                                           (b)  Golan Heights
(c) Asia Minor                                                    (d) Anatolia
Answer: (b)

813. Jesus Christ was crucified in ........
(a) Bethlehem                                                     (b) Calvary
(c) Rome                                                               (d) Athens
Answer: (b)

814. Western Wall or Wailing Wall is one of the holiest places of:
(a) Christians                                                        (b) Muslims
(c) Jews                                                                   (d) Parsis
Answer: (c)

815. ......... is the birth place of Jesus Christ.
(a) Vatican                                                          (b) Athens
(c) Bethlehem                                                    (d) Calvary
Answer: (c)

816. The scientist who was invited to assume charge as the first president of Israel when it was formed:
(a) Thomas Alva Edison                                (b) Albert Einstein
(c) Enrico Fermi                                              (d) Oppenheimer
Answer: (b)

817. ...... is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately
six million European Jews during World War II:
(a) Holocaust                                                     (b) Ghetto
(c) Exodus                                                           (d) Via Dolorosa
Answer: (a)

818. The legislative body of Israel:
(a) Senate                                                        (b) Majlis
(c) Knesset                                                      (d) Storting
Answer: (c)

819. The currency of Israel:
(a) New Shekel                                                    (b) Rand
(c) Pound                                                              (d) Dollar
Answer: (a)

820. The capital of Israel:
(a) Tehran                                                                (b) Constantinople
(c) Jerusalem                                                           (d) Sana
Answer: (c)

821. Israel's main financial center is ......
(a) Tel Aviv                                                           (b) Jerusalem
(c) Haifa                                                                 (d) Table Mount
Answer: (a)

822. Ben Gurion International Airport is at:
(a) Jerusalem                                                     (b) Haifa
(c) Tel Aviv                                                        (d) Ashdod
Answer: (c)

823. Which desert is in Israel?
(a) Mojave                                                            (b) Takla Makan
(c) Gobi                                                                (d) Negev
Answer: (d)

824. The Israeli statesman who won 1994Nobel Peace Prize and was
assassinated by Yigal Amir in 1995:
(a) Ariel Sharon                                                 (b) Yitzhak Rabin
(c) Benjamin Nethanyahu                               (d) Shimon Perez
Answer: (b)

825. Jerusalem is called:
(a) Empire city                                                  (b) Holy land
(c) Granite city                                                   (d) Holy city
Answer: (d)
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