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Graduate Level Questions - 1

1. …….. year has passed since the tsunami lashed certain coastal areas.
(a) The                (b) An           (c) A          (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

2. It was ……. cats and dogs.
(a) rained                   (b) raining
(c) will rain               (d)  had rain
Answer: (b)

3. All colleges will reopen ……. tomorrow.
(a) on      (b) at           (c) since           (d) from
Answer: (d)

4. State of well being/pleasant excitement:
(a)  Content                   (b) Euphoria
(c) Satisfaction               (d) Morose
Answer: (b)

5. If you listened more carefully, you ……. So many mistakes.
(a) wouldn’t have made       (b) won’t make
(c) wouldn’t make                (d) couldn’t make
Answer: (c)

6. He is an engineer working ….. Palghat.
(a) at       (b) in          (c) around (d) on
Answer: (a)

7. The person who has long experience:
(a) Pioneer (b) Scholar     (c) Veteran (d) Boss
Answer: (c)

8. The passive voice of ‘Did you do it?’:
(a) You were done by it         (b) He has done Aby it
(c) Was it done by you             (d) Were it done by you
Answer: (c)

9. The word ‘Alacrity’ means:
(a) Eagerness       (b) Loud         (c) Critical      (d) Pale
Answer: (a)

10. The boy cried aloud ……. he saw a snake:
(a) yet          (b) and        (c) but        (d) when
Answer: (d)

11. He ……. the task entrusted to him.
(a) carried away              (b) carried up
(c) carried out                (d) carried by
Answer: (c)

12. More men adore the sun rising than the sun……..
(a) Shining             (b) Blazing
(c) Darkening              (d) Setting
Answer: (d)

13. Antonym of ‘Reject’:
(a) Agree (b) Accept      (c) Embrace (d) Adopt
Answer: (b)

14. My advice did not …… him at all.
(a) effect       (b) affect     (c) afflict      (d) inflict
Answer: (b)

15. I asked the boy ………
(a) how old he was          (b) how old are you
(c) how old he is               (d) how old you are
Answer: (a)

16. He thanked me for what I ……...
(a) have done                    (b) had done
(c) have been doing          (d) had been doing
Answer: (b)

17. Butter is made ……. milk.
(a) of        (b) from    (c) with  (d) by
Answer: (b)

18. I have known him ……. a long time.
(a) since   (b) for       (c) by     (d) to
Answer: (b)

19. Andamans are a group of islands in …… Bay of Bengal:
(a) The, the (b) The, a      (c) An, the      (d) The, an
Answer: (a)

20. The reported speech of : ‘He asked, ‘What is the time?’ is:
(a) He asked what the time was           (b) He asked what is the time
(c) He asked what the time is                 (d) He asked what was the time
Answer: (a)

21.Rajyasamacharam is the first news paper in Malayalam. Its publication was started in:
(a) 1790        (b) 1857         (c) 1847        (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

22.The person who became Deputy Chief Minister in Kerala two times:
(a)R.Shankar                                (b) C.H.Muhammad Koya
 (c) Aukkadar Kutti Naha          (d) None ofthese
Answer: (b)

23. The number of district panchayats in Kerala:
(a) 999            (b) 140     (c) 14       (d) 152
Answer: (c)

24. ‘Hand’ is the election symbol of:
(a) CPM                                                   (b) BJP
(c) Indian National Congress           (d) CPI
Answer: (c)

25. The seat of the Kerala High Court:
(a) Kollam                          (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kozhikode                    (d) Ernakulam 
Answer: (d)
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