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Monday, 11 December 2017

Graduate Level Questions - 11

251. The first to win an Olympic medal for India:
(a) Norman Pritchard            (b) K.Lakshmanan
(c) K.Malleswari                         (d) Milkha Singh
Answer: (a)

252. Shakespeare passed away in:
(a) 1564         (b) 1616          (c) 1612            (d) 1620
Answer: (b)

253. In which year Bangladesh  declared independence?
(a) 1975         (b) 1972      (c) 1970         (d) 1971
Answer: (d)

254.Cryogenics is related to:
(a) Low Temperature            (b) Pressure
(c) Insects                               (d) Heredity
Answer: (a)

255.The colour of Black box in aeroplanes:
(a) Red          (b) Orange        (c) Green         (d) Blue
Answer: (b)

256. Father of e-mail:
(a) Ray Tomlinson              (b) Glen Recort
(c) Sabir Bhatia                      (d) Pascal
Answer: (a)

257. ‘The king of spices’:
(a) Cardomom             (b) Pepper
(c) All Spice                 (d) Turmeric
Answer: (b)

258. Beryllium aluminium silicate is known as:
(a) Alum          (b) Topaz       (c) Ruby          (d) Emerald
Answer: (d)

259. Galvanisation is the process of coating of ..... on other metals.
(a) Copper        (b) Silver    (c) Gallium      (d) Zinc
Answer: (d)

260. The rarest gas element in the atmosphere of Earth:
(a) Oxygen      (b) Nitrogen     (c) Radon     (d) Helium
Answer: (c)

261. Morphin is obtained from......
(a) Poppy        (b) Vinca         (c) Rauwolfia        (d) Neem
Answer: (a)

262. The wood used for making snake boat:
(a) Anjili       (b) Deodar        (c) Neem              (d) Mahagony
Answer: (a)

263. What kind of organism is ‘Bombay Duck’?
(a) Mammal         (b) Bird         (c) Fish         (d) Reptile
Answer: (c)

264. The average length of femur:
(a) 100cm         (b) 50cm        (c) 75cm               (d) 25cm
Answer: (b)

265. The disease caused by Yersinia pestis:
(a) Yellow fever            (b) Plague
(c) Cholera                      (d) Malaria
Answer: (b)
266. The only planet which takes more time to complete a rotation than a revolution?
(a) Venus         (b) Mercury       (c) Mars         (d) Jupiter
Answer: (a)

267. The space age was started on 4th October 1957 with the launching of Sputnik by:
(a) USA          (b) Soviet Union           (c) India          (d) UK
Answer: (b)

268. The airport in Port Blair is named after:
(a) Vir Savarkar              (b) SC Bose
(c) Mayo                                    (d) Dufferin
Answer: (a)

269. Almora hill station is in the state of:
(a) Uttarakhand                           (b) Kashmir
(c) Himachal Pradesh                 (d) Assam
Answer: (a)

270. The second most important god during Rig Vedic period:
(a) Agni         (b) Varuna         (c) Soma           (d) Yama
Answer: (a)

271. Which statement is incorrect?
(a) Sher Shah died in 1547
(b) Sher Shah built the Grand Trunk
(c) The tomb of Sher Shah is in Sasaram
(d) Purana Qila was built by Sher Shah
Answer: (a)

272. Advocate General is appointed by:
(a) President                
(b) Governor
(c) Chief Minister           
(d) Law Minister
Answer: (b)

273. Who acted the role of Gandhi in the film ‘Gandhi’?
(a) Richard Attenborough             (b) Rajat Kapur
(c) Ben Kingsley                              (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

274.Who was the president of INC when India got independence?
(a) Rajendraprasad              (b) Maulana Azad
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru            (d) JB Kripalani
Answer: (d)

275. The only Indian prime minister who did not face the parliament:
(a) Morarji Desai                (b) Charan Singh
(c) HD Dewe Gowda          (d) Chandrasekhar
Answer: (b)
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