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Monday, 11 December 2017

Graduate Level Questions - 2

26. Malampuzha Dam is in the river system:
(a) Bharatappuzha                     (b) Periyar
(c) Pamba                                     (d) Chaliyar
Answer: (a)

27. The Dewan of Travancore who introduced public transport service in Travancore:
(a) P.Rajagopalachari                         (b) Habibullah
(c) P.G.N.Unnithan                              (d) C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer
Answer: (d)

28. The most famous king of the kingdom of Kochi:
(a) Marthanda Varma                     (b) Pazhassi Raja
(c) Sakthan Thampuran                    (d) Manavedan
Answer: (c)

29.The birth place of Thacholi Othenan:
(a) Vadakara        (b) Thalassey         (c) Kannur        (d) Thirunavaya
Answer: (a)

30.‘Syanandooram’ is the Sanskrit name for:
(a) Kannur                       (b) Kozhikode
(c) Kochi                           (d) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (d)

 31. The Dutch man who shared the first Nobel Prize for Economics with Ragner Frisch of Norway:
(a) Jan Tinbergen                        (b) Gunnar Myrdal
(c) Nicholas Tinbergen              (d) Adamsmith
Answer: (a)

32.King  of minerals:
(a) Gold                     (b) Sulphuric acid
(c) Iron                      (d) Aluminium
Answer: (a)

33.Benitto Mussolini was known as:
(a) Il Duce                          (b) Iron Duke
(c) Desert Fox                   (d) Little Corporal
Answer: (a)
34. The number of principal organs of United Nations after the  Trusteeship
Council suspended operations
in 1994:
(a) 6        (b) 5            (c) 4          (d) 7
Answer: (b)

35. Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is observed as:
(a) National Youth Day           (b) Patriotism Day
(c) National Science Day         (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

36.“Let them eat cakes”- Who is related to this statement?
(a) Louis XIV              (b) Louis XV
(c) Louis XVI              (d) Mary Antoinette
Answer: (d)

37. Who founded the Maurya dynasty?
(a) Asoka                                      (b) Bindudara
(c) Chandragupta Maurya       (d) Brihadratha
Answer: (c)

38.The first Indian to go to space:
(a) Kalpana Chawla               (b) Ravish Malhotra
(c) Rakesh Sharma                (d) Sunitha Williams
Answer: (c)

39.The Portuguese Navigator who led the expedition which completed the first circumnavigation:
(a) Columbus                 (b) Magellan
(c) Cook                            (d) Cabral
Answer: (b)

40.Which cave is famous for ‘Trimurti’ statues?
(a) Ajanta      (b) Elephanta     (c) Ellora       (d) Amarnath
Answer: (b)

41.Madison Square Garden in USA is related to:
(a) Baseball (b) Cricket   (c) Boxing (d) Polo
Answer: (c)

42.The Panama canal was opened in:
(a) 1869        (b) 1914       (c) 1918     (d) 1920
Answer: (b)

43. The branch of biology related to the study of structure and organisation of living things:
(a) Alchemy            (b) Agronomy
(c) Anatomy           (d) Bionomy
Answer: (c)

44..The author of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’?
(a) Arthur C Clarke                  (b) Joules Verne
(c) Darwin                                 (d) Richard Rhodes
Answer: (b)

45.Intensity of sound is measured in:
(a) Curie         (b) Volt       (c) Watt        (d) Decibel
Answer: (d)

46 Which of the following plants helps nitrogen fixation?
(a) Beans        (b) Wheat       (c) Rice          (d) Tomoto
Answer: (a)

47.Which element has the lowest melting point?
(a) Mercury              (b) Hydrogen
(c) Carbon                   (d) Helium
Answer: (d)

48.Which is known as ‘Chemical Sun’?
(a) Magnisium                  (b) Francium
(c) Gallium                         (d) Iridium
Answer: (a)

49. The term associated with the cultivation of grapes:
(a) Aviculture                   (b) Viticulture
(c) Floriculture                (d) Epiculture
Answer: (b)

50.The clonned wolf:
(a) Victoria                                             (b) Carbon Copy
(c) Snu Woolf and Snu Woolfi          (d) Dolly
Answer: (c)
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