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Graduate Level Questions - 4

76. In which year the Congress ministries in the provinces resigned to protest against the war   policy of the British Government?
(a) 1937             (b) 1938
(c) 1939            (d) 1940
Answer: (c)

77. Cruelty: Kindness :: Revenge : ?
(a) Punishment                (b) Crime
(c) Forgiveness                (d) Gratitude
Answer: (c)

77.Which of the following part of the Constitution was prepared by Jawaharlal Nehru?
(a) Preamble                                (b) Fundamental Rights
(c) Fundamental Duties                  (d) Directive Principles
Answer: (a)

78.Which one of the following communities is specially mentioned in the Constitution?
(a) Scheduled Caste            (b) Scheduled Tribe
(c) Anglo-Indian                    (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

79.The largest princely state at the time of independence:
(a) Travancore                (b) Junagarh
(c) Hyderabad                 (d) Rajputana
Answer: (c)

80.Which of the following offices is held during the pleasure of the President of India?
(a) Vice President                   (b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Governor of a State            (d) UPSC Chairman
Answer: (c)

81.A number exceed its one-fifth by 20. What is the number?
(a) 100 (b) 25 (c) 5 (d) 20
Answer: (b)

82.Select the pair which is different from others:
(a) Hard work and success                       (b) Treatment and disease
(c) Coward and Fear                                  (d) Extravagent and Bankruptcy
Answer: (b)
84.Choose the odd one:
(a) Parrot        (b) Pigeon      (c) Kiwi       (d) Sparrow
Answer: (c)

85.When there is an increase of 30% in the price of TV sets and decrease of 20% in the number of sets sold , then what is the percentage effect on total sales?
(a) 4% loss                 (b) 8% loss
(c) 4% gain                 (d) 8% gain
Answer: (c)

86.7,11,13,17,19,, ———
(a) 18         (b) 21        (c) 23           (d) 27
Answer: (c)

87.Which one number can replace both question marks 1/?= ?/36
(a) 12  (b) 6   (c) 36  (d) 4
Answer: (b)

88.Clock is to Day as Calendar is to:
(a) Weekend      (b) April     (c) Century     (d) Year
Answer: (d)

89.Find the reciprocal of 0.01:
(a) 100         (b) 10      (c) 1/10      (d) 1
Answer: (a)

90.If TEA is 234, find what would 345 stand for ?
(a) ATE        (b) TAP      (c) EAR      (d) EAT
Answer: (c)

91.Two students fought a college election.  The winning student got 60% of the total votes and won the election by 144 votes only.  What is the total number of votes polled?
(a) 720         (b) 480      (c) 360        (d) 240
Answer: (a)

92.Convert 9/10 into a percent:
(a) 9%    (b) 19%   (c) 1.9%    (d) 90%
Answer: (d)

93. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Accademy             (b) Academy
(c) Acadamy                (d)  Accadamy
Answer: (b)

94. By this time tomorrow, I……..this job.
(a) will finish                         (b) shall finish
(c) will have finished            (d) will be finishing
Answer: (c)

95.A for 2, B for 4, and E for 10; then C X D stands for:
(a) 42        (b) 38          (c) 48        (d) 14
Answer: (c)

96.Individual : Family :: Family : ?
(a) State     (b) House         (c) Society       (d) Nation
Answer: (c)

97.Select the odd one:
(a) Sparrow         (b) Canary         (c) Hawk          (d) Cod
Answer: (d)

98. 60% of 37= ?
(a) 20           (b) 21     (c) 22         (d) 22.2
Answer: (d)

99. Fly : Parrot :: Crawl : ?
(a) Fish        (b) Crocodile         (c) Frog  (d) Sparrow
Answer: (b)

100. The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 13.  Find the greater number:
(a) 23       (b) 24        (c) 20          (d) 25
Answer: (b)
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