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Monday, 11 December 2017

Graduate Level Questions - 9

201. You like vegetarian food,……?
(a) do you             (b) isn’t you
(c) aren’t you          (d) don’t you
Answer: (d)

202. I ……. the boy from the deep well.
(a) escaped             (b) saved
(c) am escaped             (d) am saved
Answer: (b)

203. He said to me that he ……. going abroad:
(a) is    (b) has been       (c) had been   (d) was
Answer: (d)

204. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) SECRATARY            (b) SECRETARY
(c) SECRATERY                (d)  SECRETERY
Answer: (b)

205. I saw a …… of sheep grazing in the field:
(a) flock          (b) herd     (c) group        (d) pack
Answer: (a)

206. India trades ….. the USA ….. sugar and jute:
(a) with, in              (b) about, on
(c) from, on            (d)  off, ever
Answer: (a)

207. ‘Collaborate’ means:
(a) Work together        (b) to work together with a common aim
(c) Joint venture         (d) Agreement
Answer: (b)

208. Antonym of ‘Delicious:
(a) Agreeble                     (b) Unpalatable
(c) Enjoyable                 (d) Tasty
Answer: (b)
209. This is for students …… mother tongue is not English:
(a) that          (b) whose      (c) whom        (d) which
Answer: (b)

210.Find out the meaning of the word ‘methodical’ from the alternatives:
(a) Ordinary           (b) Dull
(c) Deep                     (d) Systematic
Answer: (d)

211. Parsimony means:
(a) Excessive carefulness in spending money
(b) Wealth inherited from parents
(c) Partiality                 (d) Jealousy
Answer: (a)

212.He is the …..of my two sons:
(a) older    (b) eldest   
(c) elder   (d)  oldest
Answer: (c)

213.The opposite of ‘Stale’:
(a) Unhealthy                (b) Fresh
(c) Stylistic                       (d) Old
Answer: (b)

214.The faster you run, ……..
(a) the sooner you get tired
(b) you get more tired
(c) sooner you get tired
(d)  soon you get tired
Answer: (a)

215.As they had no children, they …….. an orphan:
(a) adapted               (b) Assaulted
(c) allotted                      (d) adopted
Answer: (d)

216.Fools rush in where angels fear ……
(a) to walk              (b) to tread         (c) to cross          (d) to sit
Answer: (b)

217.Feminine gender of fox is:
(a) She-fox            (b) Bitch      (c) Hind (d) Vixen
Answer: (d)

218.Either you or Ravi …… to meet the principal today:
(a) have       (b) has       (c) having         (d)  did
Answer: (b)

219.I felt pity ….. the poor widow:
(a) to         (b) with       (c) on          (d) for
Answer: (d)

220.The temples of South India are bigger than ……. North India:
(a) that of       (b) those of        (c) of which     (d)  all
Answer: (b)

221.Which one number can replace both question marks
?/100= 4/?
(a) 20       (b) 25      (c) 1  (d) 200
Answer: (a)

222.Select the odd one:
(a) Teacher  (b) Student   (c) Professor  (d) Principal
Answer: (b)

223.A party consisted of a man, his wife, his three sons and their wives and three children in each son’s family. How many are there in the party?
(a) 22       (b) 13 (c) 17  (d) 24
Answer: (c)

224.Year: Month :: Week :?
(a) Hour       (b) Month       (c) Day        (d) Fortnight
Answer: (c)

225.An even prime number:
(a) 0        (b) 4      (c) 2          (d) -2
Answer: (c)
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