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Facts About World: Questions and Answers - 6 (Italy)

Facts About World -Italy
126. In map, Italy is ....... shaped:
(a) Chicken                                      (b) Fish
(c) Shoe string                                (d) Boot
Answer: (d)

127. Which of the following was started in Italy?
(a) Reformation                                     (b) Renaissance
(c) Industrial Revolution                    (d) Acupunture
Answer: (b)

128. Which city is called the ‘Queen of Adriatic’?
(a) Florence                                              (b) Naples
(c) Venice                                                 (d) Rome
Answer: (c)

129. Italy is known as the ‘Land of .......’.
(a) Maple                                                (b) Marble
(c) Eagle                                                 (d) Rabbits
Answer: (b)

130. Which is called the city of water?
(a) Rome                                              (b) Naples
(c) Florence                                         (d) Venice
Answer: (d)

131. ‘Creation of Adam’ is a painting by:
(a) Raphael                                            (b) Leonardo Da Vinci
(c) Michaelangelo                               (d) Van Gogh
Answer: (c)

132. Which city is called the ‘Empress of the Ancient World’?
(a) London                                         (b) Venice
(c) Rome                                            (d) Naples
Answer: (c)

133. Rome is called:
(a) Empire City                                         (b) City of Seven Hills
(c) Eye of Greece                                       (d) All of these
Answer: (b)

134. Who among the following is a famous Italian painter?
(a) Leonardo Da Vinci                           (b) Michaelangelo
(c) Raphael                                               (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

135. Which of the following originated in Italy:
(a) Nascism                                                (b) Communism
(c) Nihilism                                                (d) Fascism
Answer: (d)

136.  Who advocated Fascism?
(a) Benitto Mussolini                               (b) Adolf Hitler
(c) Joseph Stallin                                       (d) Karl Marx
Answer: (a)

137. Benitto Mussolini was killed by enemies in:
(a) 1943                                                      (b) 1944
(c) 1945                                                      (d) 1946
Answer: (c)

138. Who among the following was a famous Italian navigator?
(a) Magellan                                            (b) Amarigo Vespuci
(c) Captain Cook                                    (d) Vasco de Gama
Answer: (b)

139. Which is called ‘Eternal City’?
(a) Florence                                          (b) Naples
(c) Rome                                                 (d) Venice
Answer: (c)

140. In which country Columbus was born?
(a) Spain                                             (b) Portugal
(c) Italy                                               (d) France
Answer: (c)

141. Who is the propounder of Kintergarten system?
(a) Frederick Frobel                               (b) Benitto Mussolini
(c) Bertha Von Suttner                           (d) Maria Montessori
Answer: (d)

142. Who was born in Pisa, Italy?
(a) Archimedes                                      (b) Kepler
(c) Galileo                                                (d) Copernicus
Answer: (c)

143. Which island is a part of Italy?
(a) Ruben                                                    (b) Sicily
(c) Corsica                                                  (d) St.Helena
Answer: (b)

144. Which is an Italian car company?
(a) Fiat                                                        (b) Ford
(c) Volkswagen                                        (d) Honda
Answer: (a)

145. Which is the only volcano in in the European mainland?
(a) Mount Etna                                          (b) Vesuvius
(c) Cotopaxi                                                (d) Mauna Loa
Answer: (b)

146. In which sea mount Stromboli is situated?
 (a) Black Sea                                               (b) Aegian Sea
(c) Mediterranean Sea                              (d) Red Sea
Answer: (c)

147.  Colosseum, an elliptical amphitheatre, is situated in the centre of the city of .......
(a) Venice                                                       (b) Rome
(c) Genoa                                                          (d) Venice
Answer: (b)

148. Who unified Italy?
(a) Benitto Mussolini                                 (b) Frederick Frobel
(c) Garibaldi                                                  (d) Maria Montessori
Answer: (c)

149. The construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was started in..... century:
(a) 11                                                              (b) 12
(c) 13                                                                (d) 14
Answer: (b)

150. The Italian Statesman who wrote ‘The Prince’in 1513:
(a) Machiavelly                                             (b) Galileo
(c) Montessori                                               (d) Mussolini
Answer: (a)
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