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Facts About World: Questions and Answers - 8 (Maldives)

Facts About World: Maldives
176 .Maldives is the smallest member of ........
(a) ASEAN                              (b) SAARC
(c) OPEC                                  (d) Commonwealth
Answer: (b)

177. The first country  to hold a cabinet meeting underwater  is Maldives. It was in connection with:
(a) Climate Change              (b) Nuclear Experiments
(c) Deforestation                 (d) Corruption
Answer: (a)

178. Who among the following served as the president of an Asian country for the longest period:
(a) Mahathir Muhammad            (b) Yitzhak Rabin
(c) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom      (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

179. The smallest neighbouring country of India:
(a) Bhutan                                       (b) Maldives
(c) Nepal                                          (d) Srilanka
Answer: (b)

180. Capital of Maldives:
(a) Bamako                                     (b) Male
(c) Colombo                                      (d) Kabul
Answer: (b)

181. The official religion of Maldives:
(a) Buddhism                                     (b) Hinduism
(c) Christianity                                   (d) Islam
Answer: (d)

182. The main language of Maldives:
(a) Malayalam                                   (b) Tamil
(c) Sinhala                                          (d) Divehi
Answer: (d)

183.  Which country granted independence to Maldives?
(a) France                                          (b) Britain
(c) Portugal                                       (d) Germany
Answer: (b)

184. The lowest country on the earth’s surface:
(a) Jordan                                         (b) Netherlands
(c) Maldives                                      (d) Australia
Answer: (c)

185. The country with the lowest high point:
(a) Maldives                                     (b) Lesotho
(c) Sri Lanka                                     (d) New Zealand
Answer: (a)

186. The native people of Maldives:
(a) Magyars                                      (b) Mahls
(c) Sinhala                                         (d) Apatami
Answer: (b)

187. The currency of Maldives:
(a) Kyat                                           (b) Rupee   
(c) Rupiah                                      (d) Rufiya
Answer: (d)

188. The legislative assembly of Maldives:
(a) Senate                                       (b) National Assembly
(c) Majlis                                        (d) Knesset
Answer: (c)

189. Maldives is situated in ........ Ocean:
(a) Atlantic                                    (b) Pacific
(c) Indian                                       (d) Arctic
Answer: (c)

190. The Maldives is the smallest ....... country in both population and area:
(a) Asian                                         (b) African
(c) European                                  (d) Pacific
Answer: (a)

191. The operation launched by  Armed Forces of India in Maldives:
(a) Operation Cactus                     (b) Operation Vijay
(c) Operation Rhino                       (d) Operation Blue Star
Answer: (a)

192. The National Anthem of Maldives:
(a) Quami Tarana                          (b) Ouami Salam
(c) Rashtriya Gan                          (d) Kimi Gayo
Answer: (b)

193.  The first country to open a virtual embassy:
(a) Maldives                                    (b) Australia
(c) Japan                                          (d) Sri Lanka
Answer: (a)

194. The  biggest foreign currency earner of Maldives:
(a) Coconut oil                                   (b) Tourism
(c) Automobiles                               (d) Textiles
Answer: (b)

195. The Asian country where a non-Muslim cannot become a citizen:
(a) Indonesia                                   (b)Pakistan
(c) Maldives                                      (d) AfghanistanA
Answer: (c)
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