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Facts About World: Questions and Answers - 10 (Countries and Former Capitals)

Facts About World: Countries and Former Capitals
221. Before Astana, the capital of ........ was Almatty:
(a) Ukarine                             (b) Azerbeijan
(c) Uzbekistan                       (d) Kazakhstan
Answer: (d)

222. The former name of ........ was Akmola:
(a) Astana                              (b) Almatty
(c) Kiev                                   (d) Tashkent
Answer: (a)

223. Before Abuja, the capital of ........ was Lagos:
(a) Niger                                  (b) Nigeria
(c) Ghana                                  (d) Mali
Answer: (b)

224. Rio de Janeiro was the former capital of:
(a) Chile                                   (b) Argentina
(c) Brazil                                  (d) Cuba
Answer: (c)

225. Melbourne was the former capital of:
(a) New Zealand                     (b) Tasmania
(c) Australia                            (d) Papua New Guinea
Answer: (c)

226. Capital of West Germany:
(a) Berlin                                  (b) Cologne
(c) Frankfurt                           (d) Bonn
Answer: (d)

227. Before 1911, the capital of India was:
(a) Mumbai                             (b) Calcutta
(c) Chennai                             (d) Patna
Answer: (b)

228. In 1911, the capital of India was moved to:
(a) New Delhi                           (b) Delhi
(c) Mumbai                                (d) Agra
Answer: (b)

229. Delhi became the capital of Mughal empire during the reign of:
(a) Babur                                     (b) Humayun
(c) Akbar                                     (d) Shah Jehan
Answer: (d)

230. Auckland was the former capital of:
(a) Canada                                         (b) Australia
(c) New Zealand                             (d) Papua New Guinea
Answer: (c)

231. Capital of USA during 1790 to 1800:
(a) Philadelphia                                (b) Chicago
(c) Milan                                              (d) Atlanta
Answer: (a)

232. Istanbul was the capital of ..... during 1453 to 1922:
(a) Israel                                             (b) Turkey
(c) Syria                                               (d) Lebanon
Answer: (b)

233. Tel Aviv was the capital of ....... during 1948 to 1950:
(a) Syria                                                (b) Lebanon
(c) Israel                                               (d) Jordan
Answer: (c)

234. Zurich was the capital of ...... during 1798 to 1803:
(a) Switzerland                                 (b) Germany
(c) Italy                                               (d) Portugal
Answer: (a)

235. Yogyakarta was the capital of ..... during 1945 -49:
(a) Japan                                             (b) Philippines
(c) Indonesia                                     (d) Malaysia
Answer: (c)

236. Old name of Edo.
(a) Manila                                           (b) Tokyo
(c) Singapore                                     (d) Jakarta
Answer: (b)

237. Kyoto was the former capital of:
(a) South Korea                                (b) Taiwan
(c) Malaysia                                       (d) Japan
Answer: (d)

238. Penang was the former capital of:
(a) Japan                                               (b) Philippines
(c) Indonesia                                       (d) Malaysia
Answer: (d)

239. ....... was called Taihoku by the Japanese during their rule over it.
(a) Taipei                                             (b) Beijing 
(c) Pusan                                              (d) Seoul
Answer: (a)

240. Sri Jayawardanapura Kotta is the legislative capital of:
(a) Sri Lanka                                      (b) Indonesia
(c) Japan                                             (d) Myanmar
Answer: (a)
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