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Friday, 16 February 2018

Constitution of India- Questions and Answers 33

796.In which Article of Indian Constitution describes the qualification of the Judges of the Supreme Court of India?
-Article 124 (3)

797. Who was the first acting president of India?

-VV·Giri (from 1969 May 3rd to 1969 July 20th)

798.Who was the first comptroller and Auditor General of India?

-V Narahari Rao

799. Which is the official residence of the Election Commission of India?

 -Nirvachan sadan New Delhi)

800.Who is the chairman of Rajya sabha?

-Vice president

801.Who is the 13th President of India?

-Pranab Mukherjee

802.Who is the 13th Prime Minister of India?

-Dr.Manmohan Singh

803.Who inaugurated the Parliament House of India?

-Lord Irwin (18th January 1927)

804.Who was the first Election Commissioner of India?

-Sukumar sen

805.In which year the state reorganization bill was passed by the parliament?

806."Freedom of the press" is guaranteed under which Article?

-Article 19 (1)

807. Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years?
Jammu & Kashmir

808. The feature of Federal Scheme has been borrowed from:

Govt of India Act, 1935

809. The total number of members in the Rajya Sabha at present:


810.  The longest session of Lok Sabha:

Budget session
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