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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -109

2701. Name the Editor of the magazine Murali ?
  (A) T. Ammalu Amma  (B) Kadathanattu Madhavi Amma
  (C) Kesavadev (D) S. K. Pottakkadu
Answer: (B)

2702. Keralan was the pen name of
  (A) Pandit Karuppan  (B) Swedeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
  (C) K. Damodaran (D) Kesari Balakrishna Pillai
Answer: (D)

2703. According to a study undertaken by the Planning Commission in 1953-54, which among the following states had the highest percentage of persons having land holdings below ten acres insize ?
  (A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Gujarat
  (C) Kerala (D) Uttar Pradesh
Answer: (C)

2704. The earlier name of the Central Hall of the Parliament was
  (A) Constitution Hall (B) Panchayats
  (C) Provincial Assembly Hall  (D) Darbar Hall
Answer: (A)

2705. Which is known as the capital of King Cobra?
  (A) Gosaba (B) Congo
  (C) Dazhai (D) Agumbe
Answer: (D)

2706. The UDAY Scheme is related to _________ .
  (A) Coal (B) Power
  (C) Petroleum (D) Pharmaceuticals
Answer: (B)

2707. Introduction of The Right to Information Act in Tamil Nadu was in ________ .
  (A) 1996 (B) 2005
  (C) 2008 (D) 2000
Answer: (A)

2708. Name the Indian City firstly hosts the Asian Athletics Championship.
  (A) Bhubaneshwar (B) Pune
  (C) New Delhi (D) Ranchi
Answer: (C)

2709. Which one is not related with swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishnapillai ?
  (A) Kerala Pathrika (B) Keralan
  (C) Sarada (D) Deshabhimani
Answer: (D)

2710. Former wrestling star Battulga Khaltmaa has won the Presidential election of _____ .
  (A) Philippines (B) Mangolia
  (C) Indonesia (D) Thailand
Answer: (B)

2711. ________ has been described India's first world heritage city.
  (A) Ahmedabad (B) Mysore
  (C) Delhi (D) Jaipur
Answer: (A)

2712. Which one is the first important programme of "Sahodara Sangam" ?
  (A) Misra Vivaham (B) Eradication of superstition
  (C) Negation of religion (D) Misrabhojanam
Answer: (D)

2713. Who started the Malayalam newspaper "Paschima Tharaka" ?
  (A) Devji Bheemji (B) Benjamin Baili
  (C) Herman Gundert (D) Kandathil Vargeese Mappila
Answer: (A)

2714. Which one is the first Malayalam drama ?
  (A) Chandra Mukhee Vilasam
  (B) Subadrarjanam
  (C) Keraleeya Bhasha Shakunthalam
  (D) Sadaraama
Answer: (C)

2715. ________ has historically been the gateway for invasions of the Indian subcontinent from the North West.
  (A) Khyber pass (B) Shipkhila pass
  (C) Nathoola pass (D) Bara Lacha pass
Answer: (A)

2716. ________ has become the first country in the world to prohibit deforestation
  (A) Lithuania (B) Norway
  (C) Denmark (D) Latvia
Answer: (B)

2717. 'Lavani' is the most popular form of dance in the state of __
  (A) Manipur  (B) Mizoram
  (C) Maharashtra (D) Meghalaya
Answer: (C)

2718. Thiruvananthapuram Public Library was established during the reign of____
  (A) Marthandavarma (B) GowriLakshmi Bhai
  (C) Swathi Thirunal (D) Dharma Raja
Answer: (C)

2719. In India the Planning Commission was set up in the year
  (A) 1948 (B) 1949
  (C) 1950 (D) 1951
Answer: (C)

2720. The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Public Interest Litigation
  (A) 226       (B) 300     
  (C) 360        (D) 370
Answer: (A)

2721. Which of the following taxes in India is collected by Panchayats ?
  (A) Land Revenue (B) GST
  (C) Sales Tax (D) Tax on Local Fairs
Answer: (D)

2722. A dispute relating to the election of the Vice-President in India is decided by the
  (A) Parliament (B) Supreme Court
  (C) President (D) High Court
Answer: (B)

2723. The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Union Public Service Commission
  (A) 280 (B) 300
  (C) 311 (D) 315
Answer: (D)

2724. Earth Day Observed on
  (A) March 22 (B) March 28
  (C) April 22 (D) April 28
Answer: (C)

2725.  When was the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Scheme Launched ?
  (A) Jan 2000 (B) May 2000
  (C) July 2000 (D) Dec 2000
Answer: (D)
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