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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -102

2526. Which is the largest irrigation project in Kerala?
Answer: Kallada

2527. According to 2001 census which district  in Kerala has the highest density of population?
Answer: Alappuzha

2528. Who is known as ' Kerala Kalidasan'?
Answer: Kerala Varma Valiakoyi thampuran

2529. Which district in Kerala produces most rice?
Answer: Palakkad

2530. Who wrote the novel Yanthram?
Answer: Malayattoor Ramakrishnan

2531. The work Thottangal fetched Muttathu Varkey Literature Award. Who is the author of the work?
Answer: Kovilan

2532. Which day is celebrated as ‘Coconut day’?
Answer: September 2

2533. Who was the Diwan of Travancore during the Punnapra – Vayalar agitation?
Answer: C.P. Ramaswamy Iyyer

2534. What is Laurie Baker’s chief contribution?
Answer: Low cost and environment friendly housing

2535. Who composed the popular devotional song ‘ Bhaj a Govindam’?
Answer: Shankaracharya

2536. Who was the author of the famous lullaby Omanathinkal Kidavo?
Answer: Irayimman Thampi

2537. In which book does ‘Perinjakkodan’ appear?
Answer: C.V. Raman Pillai’s Rama Raja Bahadur

2538. Who was the head of the navy force of Zamorin?
Answer: Kunjali Marakkar

2539. Which is the first polio free district in India?
Answer: Pathanamthitta

2540. Who compiled the first Malayalam dictionary?
Answer: Herman Gundert

2541. Which was the first authoritative work in Malayalam grammar?
Answer: Kerala Panineeyam

2542. Whose period is referred to as the ‘Golden Era of Travancore’?
Answer: Swathi Thirunal

2543. Which award is given for the lifelong contribution to Malayalam language and literature?
Answer: Vallathol award

2544. Who introduced coconut cultivation commercially in India?
Answer: Portuguese

2545. Who wrote Tirukkural?
Answer: Thiruvalluvar

2546. When was Kozhikode city established?
Answer: 1295

2547. Who wrote Tuhafat - Ul - Mujahiddin?
Answer: Shaik Zainuddin

2548. When and where did Vasco da Gama die?
Answer: On December 24, 1524 at Cochin

2549. Name the ships in which Vasco da Gama undertook his voyage?
Answer: The Berrio, the saint Gabriel & the saint Raphael

2550. Name the battle which shattered the hope of the Dutch to establish their political power in India?
Answer: Battle of Kulachal
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