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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -98

2426. Name of the commission formed to enquire Jaliyan Wala Bagh Massacre
A:-Hunter Commission                              B:-Simon Commission
C:-Kothari Commission                             D:-Mudaliar Commission
Answer:- Option-A

2427. Name of the Brave patriot who wrote under the pen name of "Hazrad"
A:-Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan                       B:-Riazuthullah Khan
C:-Asfaqullah Khan                                        D:-Vakkam Abdul Khadar Moulavi
Answer:- Option-C

2428. In which district of Kerala Paital Mountain is situated?
A:-Thiruvanandapuram                                   B:-Kozhikodu
C:-Vayanadu                                                        D:-Kannur
Answer:- Option-D

2429. In which coast of Kerala Maraman convention is held?
A:-Periyar                                                           B:-Pampa Nadi
C:-Kabani                                                            D:-Bharatapuzha
Answer:- Option-B

2430. Main soil found in Kerala
A:-Brick soil                                                     B:-Forest soil
C:-Silt                                                                 D:-Red soil
Answer:- Option-A

2431. Which country released Sri Narayana Guru Stamp apart from India?
A:-Myanmar                                                    B:-Nepal
C:-Pakisthan                                                    D:-Sri Lanka
Answer:- Option-D

2432. By whose effort Setu Lakshmi Bai declaration banning Animal Sacrifice in temples under Thiruvitancore religious endowment was announced?
A:-Iyankali                                                        B:-Brahmananda Siva Yogi
C:-Chattambi Swamigal                                D:-Thaikad Ayya
Answer:- Option-C

2433. Who wrote Viveka Choddamani?
A:-Chattambi Swamigal                             B:-Sankaracharya
C:-Sri Narayana Guru                                   D:-Pandit Karuppan
Answer:- Option-B

2434. By what name Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam which was formed by Iyankali was changed in 1938?
A:-Pulaya Maha-Sabha                                  B:-Sadhujana Paripalini
C:-Anandha Maha Sabha                              D:-Sadhujana Doodhan
Answer:- Option-A

2435. Name of the social reformer who declared that church will be closed if school is not established along with church
A:-Poikayil Yohannan                                   B:-Pambadi John Joseph
C:-Abraham Malpan                                    D:-Kuryakose Elias Chavara
Answer:- Option-D

2436. Which train is the fastest existing in India?
A:-Bhopal Sadhapti Express                              B:-Amritsar Express
C:-Gathiman                                                            D:-Himsagar Express
Answer:- Option-C

2437. Who is the State Election Commissioner?
A:-K. Sasidharan                                                   B:-V. Bhaskaran
C:-Kamal Kutti                                                       D:-Vincent M. Paul
Answer:- Option-B

2438. Who is the Athletic who carried Indian Flag in Rio-Olympics?
A:-Abhinav Bindra                                          B:-Tintu Luka
C:-Sania Mirza                                                   D:-Siva Thapa
Answer:- Option-A

2439. Who is the chairman of National Human Rights Commission?
A:-K.G. Bala Krishnan                                  B:-J.B. Koshi
C:-Ranganadha Misra                                   D:-H.L. Datt
Answer:- Option-D

2440. Who was selected as Best Actor in the National Film Award Festival in 2015-16?
A:-Kamalahasan                                                B:-Amita Bachan
C:-Mohanlal                                                         D:-Rajinikanth
Answer:- Option-B

2441. Who made the statement "The Preamble of the Constitution is the horoscope of Indian Republic ?
A:-Jawahar Lal Nehru                                      B:-K.M. Munshi
C:-Mahathma Gandhi                                     D:-Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Answer:- Option-B

2442. In which year the Government of Kerala launched Kudumbasree ?
A:-1998                                                                  B:-1996
C:-1999                                                                  D:-2000
Answer:- Option-A

2443. 'Atma Vidhya Sangham' was founded by
A:-Sree Narayana Guru                                     B:-Ayya Vaikundar
C:-Ayyankali                                                       D:-Vagbhadananda
Answer:- Option-D

2444. How many people signed the Ezhava Memorial ?
A:-13216                                                            B:-13238
C:-13176                                                            D:-13111
Answer:- Option-C

2445. Jathikummi was written by
A:-Pandit Karuppan                                       B:-Chattampi Swamikal
C:-Kumaranasan                                            D:-Mannathu Padmanabhan
Answer:- Option-A

2446. Against which team, Sachin Tendulkkar played his last test match ?
A:-Newzeland                                                   B:-Australia
C:-West Indies                                                   D:-Pakistan
Answer:- Option-C

2447. Who was called 'Simhala Simham' ?
A:-Velukutty Arayan                                        B:-C. Kesavan
C:-K.P. Vellon                                                     D:-K. Kelappan
Answer:- Option-B

2448. P.T. Sivakumar Sharma is associated with
A:-Santoor                                                       B:-Sarod
C:-Sitar                                                               D:-Shehanayi
Answer:- Option-A

2449. Who raised the slogan "If we work, We should be got paid" ?
A:-T.K. Madhavan                                            B:-Vaikunda Swamikal
C:-Dr. Ayyathan Gopalan                                D:-Dr. Palpu
Answer:- Option-B

2450. Gandhiji visited Sree. Narayana Guru in the year
A:-1928                                                              B:-1927
C:-1925                                                              D:-1929
Answer:- Option-C
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