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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -106

2626. Pandit Jasraj has established his reputation in which of the following field ?
  (A) Drama  (B) Literature
  (C) Dance (D) Music
Answer: (D)

2627. Which city to host the 2024 summer Olympics ?
  (A) London  (B) Paris
  (C) New York  (D) Los Angeles
Answer: (B)

2628. Who is the present Chief Justice of India ?
  (A) T. S. Thakur (B) Ranjan Gogo
  (C) Jagadhish Singh Khehar  (D) Dipak Misra
Answer: (D)

2629. Article 368 of the Indian Constitution deals with
  (A) Amending Procedure (B) Emergency Provisions
  (C) Right for Information  (D) Right to Education
Answer: (A)

2630. The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir came into force on
  (A) 26 January, 1956 (B) 26 January, 1957
  (C) 15 August, 1956  (D) 15 August, 1947
Answer: (B)

2631. The theory of Separation of Powers is a division of powers between
  (A) the Economy and polity
  (B) Central and State Governments
  (C) different branches of Government
   (D) State and Local Governments
Answer: (C)

2632. Which of the following Article of Indian Constitution ensures Freedom of Press in India ?
  (A) Article 25 (B) Article 350
  (C) Article 19 .  (D) Article 326
Answer: (C)

2633. Who wrote the devotional work Narayaniyam ?
  (A) Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
  (B) Punthanam
  (C) Ramanuja
  (D) Ezhuthachan
Answer: (A)

2634. English education started in Travancore at the time of
  (A) Ayillium Thirunal (B) Visakham Thirunal
  (C) Uthradam Thirunal  (D) Swathy Thirunal
Answer: (D)

2635. Who assumed the title as “the Father of Political Movement in Modern Travancore” ?
  (A) K. Ramakrishna Pillai (B) Dr. Palpu
  (C) G. Parameswara Pillai (D) Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishnan
Answer: (C)

2636. Who started the newspaper called “Sujananandini” ?
  (A) Kesavan Asan (B) C. V. Kunjiraman
  (C) K. Kelappan  (D) A. K. Gopalan
Answer: (A)

2637. The S. N. D. P. Yogam came into existence on
  (A) December 1, 1920 (B) June 10, 1905
  (C) May 15, 1903  (D) December 1, 1903
Answer: (C)

2638. Who wrote the famous Malayalam novel “The Marthanda Varma” ?
  (A) Chandu Menon (B) C. V. Raman Pillai
  (C) S. K. Pottakkadu  (D) M. R. Nair
Answer: (B)

2639. First Chairperson of National Commission for Woman.
  (A) Girija Vyas (B) V. Mohini Giri
  (C) Jayanti Patnaik (D) Lalitha Kumaramangalam
Answer: (C)

2640. Name the Prepaid Smart Card introduced by the Kochi Metro.
  (A) Metro Card (B) Kochi One
  (C) Smart Card  (D) One Kochi
Answer: (B)

2641. Slavery was abolished in Travancore on :
  (A) 1910 (B) 1836
  (C) 1812  (D) 1811
Answer: (C)

2642. Who Prepared the first lexicon and grammar work in Malayalam ?
  (A) Benjamin Bailey (B) Arnos Pathiri
  (C) Herman Gundert  (D) William Logan
Answer: (B)

2643. Who wrote the book called “Adibhasha” ?
  (A) V. T. Bhattathirippad (B) Vaikunda Swamikal
  (C) Chattambi Swamikal  (D) Ayyankali
Answer: (C)

2644. Ayyavazhi theology related to :
  (A) Thycaud Ayya Vaikundar (B) Sree Narayana Guru
  (C) Vagbhadananda  (D) Vaikunda Swamikal
Answer: (A)

2645. A Collection of book reviews by Kuttipuzha Krishana Pillai :
  (A) Kanneerum Kinavum (B) Smarana Manchari
  (C) Malayalam Book Reviews  (D) Grandavalokanam
Answer: (D)

2646. Who is the author of The Sarachandrika, a significant contribution to the literature on Ayurveda?
  (A) Dr. K. Muraleedharan (B) Paravoor Kesavan
  (C) P. M. Govindan Vaidyan  (D) P. R. Variar
Answer: (B)

2647. Which is set to be India’s first Book Village ?
  (A) Bastar (Chattisgarh) (B) Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh)
  (C) Araria (Bihar)  (D) Bhilar (Maharashtra)
Answer: (D)

2648. Kaziranga, the famous sanctuary of Assam is famous for
  (A) Rhinoes (B) Tigers
  (C) Lions (D) Elephants
Answer: (A)

2649. Climate of India is _______ .
  (A) Mediterrian Type (B) Equatorial Type
  (C) Desert Type (D) Monsoon Type
Answer: (D)

2650. Which State in India has the lowest number of females in comparison to males ?
  (A) Bihar  (B) Haryana
  (C) Rajasthan  (D) Punjab
Answer: (B)
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