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Thursday, 15 February 2018

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -108

2676. Hanukkah. the festival of lights is associated with which religion :
(A) Judaisam (B) Zoroastrianism
(C) lslam (D) Buddhism

2678. Garba is a popular folk dance of
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Gujarat
(D) Rajasthan

2679. By which constitutional Amendment Act the wOrd 'secularism' was lncorporated in the Preamble of the Constitution of India
(A) The Constitution (Forty-Sixth Amendment) Act
(B) The Constitution (Forty-Fourth Amendment) Act
(C) The Constitution (Forty-Second Amendment) Act
(D) The Constuuuon (Forty-First Amendment) Act

2680.which of the following is not a fundamental right in the Part III of the Constitution of India ?
(A) Righi to property (B) Right to education
(C) R1gh1 to equality (D) Right to personal liberty

2681. Which article ofthe Indian Constitution empowers the President of India to promulgate Ordinances'?
(A) Article 217 (B) Article 125
(C) Article 213 (D) Article 123

2682. Which commission was Constituted in 2007 examine and make recommendations on center state relations in India?
(A) Punchhi Comrnissron
(B) Sarkaria Commission
(C) Kotharia Commission
(D) Srikrishna Commission

2683. Who presides over the joint sitting of two houses of Indian Parliment?
(A) Prime Minister (B) President
(C) Speaker (D) Vice President

2684. Under the Right to lnformation Act, 2005 the information sought for concerns the life or liberty of a person, the same 'shall be provided within --------- of the receipt of the application.
(A) Twenty four hours (B)Fourty eight hours
(C) Twelve hours (D) Eighteen hours

2685. The definition of'child'in the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 is
(A) Any person below the age of eighteen years
(B) Any person below the age of fifteen years
(C) Any person below the age of six years
(D) Any person below the age of twelve years

2686.--------- conducts regular social audit under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
(A) Block Development Officer (B) District Programme Coordinator
(C) Gram Sabha (D) Gram Punchayath

2687. The State Food Commission constituted for the purpose of monitoring and review of implementation of the National Food Security Act 2013 shall consist of
(A) A Chairperson, five other members and a member secretary
(B) A Chairrperson, three other members and a member secretary
(C) A Chairperson, four other members and a member secretary
(D) A Chairperson, one other member and a member secretary

2688. The Transplanation of Human Organs (Amendment) Act received the assent of the President of India on
(A) 19th June 2011 (B) 27th September 2011
(C) 22nd October 2011 (D) 10th September 2011

2689. Which of the following was in the position of Prime Minister for longest period ?
  (A) Dr. Manmohan Singh (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
  (C) Indira Gandhi  (D) Rajeev Gandhi
Answer: (B)

2690. The total number of nominated members of both houses of Indian Parliament is
  (A) 2 (B) 10
  (C) 12  (D) 14
Answer: (D)

2691. Total number of High Courts in India _______ .
  (A) 28 (B) 26
  (C) 24  (D) 22
Answer: (C)

2692. Which state enacted GST Bill for the first time in India ?
  (A)  Assam  (B) Kerala
  (C)  Tamil Nadu  (D) Gujarat
Answer: (A)

2693. The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the Finance Commission.
  (A)  Article 226 (B) Article 260
  (C)  Article 280 (D) Article 315
Answer: (C)

2694. MGNREGP came into existence in the year of
  (A) 2002  (B) 2006
  (C) 2010  (D) 2012
Answer: (B)

2695. World Tsunami Awareness Day observed on
  (A) Sept. 5, 2016 (B) Oct. 5, 2016
  (C) Nov. 5, 2016  (D) Dec. 5, 2016
Answer: (C)

2696. Which of the organ can be donated when the donor is alive ?
  (A)  Heart (B) Lung
  (C)  Eye (D) Kidney
Answer: (D)

2697. The Environmental Protection Act came into existence in the year of
  (A) 1986 (B) 1987
  (C) 1988 (D) 1989
Answer: (A)

2698. The book Silent Spring written by
  (A)  Peter Matthiessen (B) Alex Mac Gill
  (C)  Graham Matthews  (D) Rachel Carson
Answer: (D)

2699. Name the leader of Yachana Yathra.
  (A) V. T. Bhattathirippadu  (B) A. K. Gopalan
  (C) K. Kelappan (D) P. Krishna Pillai
Answer: (A)

2700. To whom the work Dharmam is associated ?
  (A) Dr. Ayyathan Gopalan  (B) Ayyankali
  (C) Sreenarayana Guru (D) T. K. Madhavan
Answer: (C)
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