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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -94

2326. The play ‘Neel darpan’ is associated with ________.
A:-Santhal Revolts                                     B:-Indigo Revolts
C:-Champaran Satyagraha                       D:-Chowri Choura Incident
Answer:- Option-B

2327. Which among the following is a federal feature of the Government ?
A:-Integrated Judiciary                              B:-Written Constitution
C:-Single Citizenship                                  D:-Freedom of Expression
Answer:- Option-B

2328. The Indian River with fastest water current :
A:-Satlej                                                       B:-Brahma Putra
C:-Ganga                                                      D:-Teista
Answer:- Option-D

2329. Who has won the most number of Olympic Golds so far ?
A:-Usain Bolt                                                B:-Carl Louise
C:-Michael Phelps                                       D:-Shelly Ann Frazer
Answer:- Option-C

2330. The Supreme Court of India cancelled one among the following sections of the IT Act in 2015 :
A:-301 A                                                             B:-65 B
C:-66 A                                                                D:-66 B
Answer:- Option-C

2331. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Oscar Award ?
A:-Deepa Mehta                                               B:-Aishwarya Rai
C:-Bhanu Athayya                                           D:-Aparna Sen
Answer:- Option-C

2332. The famous Bengali writer and Jnanpeeth winner who passed away in July 2016 :
A:-Mahasweta Devi                                    B:-Pratibha Rai
C:-Rituparno Ghose                                     D:-None of these
Answer:- Option-A

2333. Who is known as the singer of ‘Brahmaputra’ ?
A:-Bhupen Hazarika                                        B:-Tanzen
C:-Hari Prasad Chourasia                              D:-Ravi Sanker
Answer:- Option-A

2334. The Heart of India :
A:-Uttar Pradesh                                                  B:-Jharkhand
C:-Madhya Pradesh                                           D:-Maharashtra
Answer:- Option-C

2335. The Southmost end point of India in the Arabian Sea :
A:-Indira Point                                                  B:-Minicoi Island
C:-Kanyakumari                                               D:-Kavarathi
Answer:- Option-B

2336. Which State has recently imposed a total ban on alcohol?
A:-Kerala                                                           B:-Delhi
C:-Bihar                                                             D:-Gujarat
Answer:- Option-C

2337. What is the aim of Rajiv Awaz Yojana?
A:-Rural housing                                            B:-Urban housing
C:-Slum free India                                         D:-Housing for SC and ST
Answer:- Option-C

2338. Which Asian country has the largest number of Nobel Laureates?
A:-Japan                                                            B:-India
C:-China                                                           D:-South Korea
Answer:- Option-A

2339. Who is the author of the famous book "The Confession of a Young Novelist"?
A:-Gabriel Garcia Marquez                          B:-Umberto Eco
C:-Salman Rushdie                                         D:-Norman Borlaugh
Answer:- Option-B

2340. Who has made the fastest century in Cricket history?
A:-AB de Villiers                                                 B:-Corey Aderson
C:-Iraq Thomas                                                  D:-Shahid Afridi
Answer:- Option-C

2341. Who won the Laureus award for the best sports women of the year 2016?
A:-Yelena Isinbayeva                                       B:-Justine Henin
C:-Genzebe Dibaba                                           D:-Serena Williams
Answer:- Option-D

2342. Which film won the national award for best film for the year 2015?
A:-Baahubali                                                       B:-Piku
C:-Bajirao Mastani                                            D:-Nirnayakam
Answer:- Option-A

2343. The World Theatre Day is observed on
A:-March 26                                                       B:-March 27
C:-March 28                                                       D:-March 31
Answer:- Option-B

2344. Name the bullet shaped retrievable Scientific Research Satellite.
A:-SA-15                                                            B:-SI-13
C:-SJ-10                                                                D:-SD-12
Answer:- Option-C

2345. What is the theme of the 2016 World Down Syndrome Day?
A:-Build an Inclusive Society for all
B:-Let Us In-We Want to Work
C:-My Friends, My Community
D:-Neighbours and My Country
Answer:- Option-C

2346. The constitution of India adopted the idea of Directive Principles of State Policy from the constitution of
A:-Canada                                                         B:-U.K
C:-U.S.A                                                               D:-Ireland
Answer:- Option-D

2347. Which is not among the Fundamental Rights?
A:-Right against Exploitation                      B:-Right to property
C:-Right to constitutional remedies            D:-Right to equality
Answer:- Option-B

2348. Who is the highest law officer of India?
A:-Attorney General                                       B:-Advocate General
C:-President of India                                      D:-Chief Justice
Answer:- Option-A

2349. Expand KELSA
A:-Kerala Legal Service Authority
B:-Kerala State Legal Services Authority
C:-Kerala's Legal Service Association
D:-Kerala Legal Studies Authority
Answer:- Option-B

2350. First Digital State in India is
A:-Haryana                                                     B:-Sikkim
C:-Kerala                                                         D:-Uthar Pradesh
Answer:- Option-C
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