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Graduate Level Questions - 43

1051. “He says  he does not understand my language, and that he speaks a language foreign to me. This may or may not be true. But language is no bar to a union of hearts. And I know this that when I am gone he will speak my language”: Who said this and about whom?
(a) Gokhale about Gandhiji
(b) Gandhiji about Rajaji
(c) Gandhiji about Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) C.R. Das about Netaji
Answer: (c)

1052. Which Article of the Constitution States that “the State should strive for protection of environment, forests and wild life’:
(a) 48 A    (b) 44   (c) 45   (d) 51 A (g)
Answer: (a)

1053. Ramsar convention is related to the protection of .............
(a) Endangered mammals (b) Wetlands
(c) Rain forests  (d) Coral Reefs
Answer: (b)

1054. The largest land mammal ever to live on earth:
(a) Asian Elephant (b) Dinosaur
(c) Indricotherium (d) African Elephant
Answer: (c)

1055. Which country launched Nozomi (Planet B) in 1998 to study about Martian environment?
(a) China (b) North Korea
(c) Japan (d) Indonesia
Answer: (c)

1056. Who was defeated by Babur in the Battle of Ghaghra in 1529?
(a) Afghans (b) Ibrahim Lodi
(c) Rana Pratap (d) Rana Sanga
Answer: (a)

1057. The only Viceroy who was assassinated by an Indian:
(a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Mayo
(c) Lord Wellesley (d) Lord Lytton
Answer: (b)

1058. Who designed the symbol of Indian Rupee?
(a) D Udayakumar (b) Vikas Swaroop
(c) Rajiv Shah (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1059. Ceylon Frogmouth is the name of highly endangered species of ........that can be seen in Thattekkad sanctuary:
(a) Snake (b) Nocturnal Bird
(c) Mammal (d) Amphibean
Answer: (b)

1060. What is the shape of Milky way?
(a) Disc (b) Cylinder
(c) Spherical (d) Trapezium
Answer: (a)

1061. The most famous Indo-Greek ruler:
(a) Demetrius (b) Euthymedus
(c) Kanishka (d) Menander
Answer: (d)

1062. Asthenosphere is a part of:
(a) Crust (b) Core
(c) Mantle (d) Troposphere
Answer: (c)

1063. The importance of Taxilla as a centre of education came to an end with the invasion of:
(a) Turks (b) Huns
(c) Mongols (d) Alexander
Answer: (b)

1064.  Who drafted ‘Gandhian Plan’ during early 1940s?
(a) M N Roy (b) Mahathma Gandhi
(c) S N Aggarwal (d) None of these
Answer: ()

1065. The first state in India to regulate the manufacture and use of plastics by banning polythene packages:
(a) Haryana (b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Gujarat (d) Karnataka
Answer: (b)

1066. Deep valleys with vertical walls and created by downward erosion of mountains and the upward lifting of mountains:
(a) Meander  (b) Karewa
(c) Glacier (d) Gorges
Answer: (d)

1067.  Who suggested the inclusion of white colour in the national flag of India when an Andhra youth prepared a flag made up of two colours- red and green representing the two major communities i.e. Hindus and Muslims?
(a) Dr.Rajendraprasad (b) Mahathma Gandhi
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Sardar Patel
Answer: (b)

1068. Geologically which is one of the most unstable part of India?
(a) Deccan Plateau (b) Nicobar
(c) Western Ghats (d) Eastern Ghats
Answer: (b)

1069. Who built the Agra Fort in red sand stone?
(a) Sikander Lodi (b) Babur
(c) Akbar (d) Shah Jehan
Answer: (c)

1070. Which is the largest living flying bird?
(a) Ostrich (b) Albatross
(c) Andean Condor (d) African Kori Bustard
Answer: (c)

1071. Which one of the following was not a part of Gondwana Land?
(a) South America (b) Africa
(c) Antarctica (d) North America
Answer: (d)

1072. Svethambaras maintain that one of the Tirtankaras was a woman, named ........
(a) Rishabha (b) Parswanath
(c) Mallinath (d) Neminath
Answer: (c)

1073. Kuipper Belt is a region beyond ......... having atleast 70000 small objects:
(a) Mars (b) Jupiter
(c) Uranus (d) Neputune
Answer: (d)

1074. Chandragupta II made Ujjain his second capital. Ujjain was formerly the capital of .......
(a) Magadha (b) Kamarupa
(c) Malwa (d) Kalinga
Answer: (c)

1075. Which fruit is known as the oldest cultivated fruit?
(a) Apple (b) Orange
(c) Grapes (d) Tomato
Answer: (b)
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