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Graduate Level Questions - 49

1201. Which of the following is a biologically incompatible marriage?
(a) Rh+man and Rh- woman
(b) Rh-man and Rh+ woman
(c) Rh+man and Rh+ woman
(d) Rh-man and Rh- woman
Answer: (a)

1202. Energy to carry out any action of life process is obtained from:
(a) Adenosine triphosphate  (b) Adenosine diphosphate
(c) Guanosine diphosphate  (d) Guanosine triphosphate
Answer: (a)

1203. Which of the following compound is found most abundantly in nature?
(a) Fructose (b) Glucose
(c) Cellulose (d) Maltose
Answer: (c)

1204. Quinine is obtained from:
(a) Pinus (b) Ricinus
(c) Eucalyptus (d) Cinchona
Answer: (d)

1205. Persons sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have:
(a) Half weight (b) 60% weight
(c) 75% weight (d) Zero weight
Answer: (d)

1206. A radioisotope has a half-life of 75years. The fraction of atoms of the element that would decay in 150 years are:
(a) 75%   (b) 66.6% 
(c) 85.5%  (d) 62.5%
Answer: (a)

1207. In which date India’s Chandrayan was launched?
(a) 2008 October 22   (b) 2008 September 21
(c) 2009 January 15   (d) 2009 August 12
Answer: (a)

1208. Who first used the term ‘Nanotechnology’?
(a) Richard Feynman (b) Eric Drexler
(c) Sumido Iijima (d) Nario Taniguchi
Answer: (d)

1209. The mass of a body is 8kg on earth. What is its mass in moon?
(a) 8Kg   (b) 4Kg  
(c) 6Kg   (d) 10Kg
Answer: (a)

1210. Technocity, the Information TechnologyBusiness Park, is located at:
(a) Kochi (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kollam (d) Kannur
Answer: (b)

1211 .Which country was defeated by India in the finals of 2011  ICC World Cup?
(a) Pakistan (b) Sri Lanka
(c) England (d) Australia
Answer: (b)

1212. ____ is known as the first Aadhar village in India.
(a) Tembhli  (b) Karnal
(c) Hissar (d) Nagaur
Answer: (a)

1213. The first all woman post office in India was started in:
(a) New Delhi (b) Kolkata
(c) Shimla (d) Mumbai
Answer: (a)

1214. The 9,900 MW Jaitapur nuclear project is in the state of:
(a) Maharashtra (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Karnataka (d) Goa
Answer: (a)

1215. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam is dedicated to :
(a) Rama (b) Brahma
(c) Shiva (d)  Vishnu
Answer: (d)

1216. If a political party is recognized in ....... or more states and is either the ruling party or is in the opposition in these states, it is considered as a National Party
(a) Four   (b) Five  
(c) Six   (d) Seven
Answer: (a)

1217. The main political party in United Progressive Alliance:
(a) BJP    (b) INC   
(c) CPI(M)   (d) CPI
Answer: (b)

1218. Who compared Directive Principles of State Policy to the Instrument of Instructions in the Govt. of India Act, 1935?
(a) Dr.Rajendraprasad (b) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) KM Munshi (d) BR Ambedkar
Answer: (d)

1219. The second chamber of the state legislature is known as:
(a) Legislative Assembly (b) Council of State
(c) Council of People (d) Legislative Council
Answer: (d)

1220. The power to superintend, direct and control elections to the Panchayat is vested in the:
(a) Election Commission of India
(b) State Election Commission
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1221. The venue of the fifth and last Malabar political conference held in 1920:
(a) Kozhikode (b) Thalassery
(c) Vadakara (d) Mancheri
Answer: (d)

1222. The leader who led ‘Starvation March’ to Chennai in 1936:
(a) K.Kelappan (b) K.P.Kesavamenon
(c) C.Sankaran Nair (d) A.K.Gopalan
Answer: (d)

1223. The largest strike organised by the Communist party in Kerala:
(a) Kayyur (b) Thaillnkeri
(c) Karivellur (d) Punnapra-Vayalar
Answer: (d)

1224. Why Gandhiji called for the boycott of the Simon Commission?
(a) None of the members was Indians
(b) India was dragged into the Second World War
(c) The Commission refused to come to India
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1225. Who was called the Grand old man of India’?
(a) Gandhiji (b) Nehru
(c) Dadabhai Navroji (d) WC Bannerjee
Answer: (c)
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