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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


2018 - January (Question Paper-9)

Date of Test : 24.01.2018

1. The first municipality to become fully WiFi Zone municipality in India   

  (A) Palakkad          (B) Malappuram           
  (C) Chavakkad (D) Wayanad
Answer: (B)

2. Pranahita and Taliperu are the tributaries of which river ?

  (A) Godavari (B) Krishna                 
  (C) Mahanadi              (D) Kaveri
Answer: (A)

3. The massive rescue and relief operation initiated by Govt. of India in earthquake devastated Nepal in 2015

  (A) Operation Soda Mountain (B) Operation Air born Dragon 
  (C) Operation Vijay                    (D) Operation Maithri
Answer: (D)

4. “Great Dark Spot”, the huge spinning storm in the southern atmosphere of which Planet ?

  (A) Pluto (B) Neptune              
  (C) Uranus             (D) None of these
Answer: (B)

5. Who presided over the Lahore session of Indian National Congress meeting in 1909 ? 

 (A) Rash Behari Bose 
  (B) William Wedder Burn   
  (C) Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya     
  (D) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: (C)

6. In Census 2011 the female population in India is

   (A) 1,73,78649 (B) 1,60,27412                          
  (C) 1,59,34926     (D) 3,03,9573
Answer: (A)

7. In which district in Kerala the Chimmini Wild-life sanctuary situated ?

  (A) Kottayam (B) Idukki                       
  (C) Thrissur               (D) Palakkad 
Answer: (C)

8. The first e-port in India is
  (A) Chennai (B) Mumbai              
  (C) Visakhapattanam              (D) Cochin
Answer: (D)

9. Who issued Royal proclamation of 1817 introduced free education in Travancore ?  

  (A) Ayilyam Thirunnal Gowri Lakshmi Bai           
  (B) Rani Gowri Parvathi Bai   
  (C) Swathi Thirunnal Ramavarma   
  (D) Rani Sethu Lakshmi Bai 
Answer: (B)

10. Who wrote the famous book “Vedadikara Nirupanam” ?

  (A) Ayyankali (B) Sree Narayana Guru   
  (C) Chattambi Swamikal           (D) Vaikunda Swamikal 
Answer: (C)

11. Which programme launched by Narendra Modi on 28th August, 2014 ?
  (A) Goods and Service Tax       (B) Digital India         
  (C) Skill India        (D) Jan Dhan Yojana 
Answer: (D)

12. Which social reformer founded the Chirayankeezhu Taluk Muslim Samajam ?  
  (A) Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi           
  (B) Muhammed Abdul Rahman Sahib   
  (C) Shoukkath Ali   
  (D) Muhammed Ali 
Answer: (A)

13. “Unnimol” is a character of which Malayalam Novel ?
  (A) Oru Theruvinte Katha          (B) Odayilninnu           
  (C) Nalukettu         (D) Thottangal
Answer: (D) 

14. Which country will host the FINA World Aquatics Championship, 2017 ?
  (A) Japan (B) Brazil                
  (C) Hungary               (D) None of these
Answer: (C)

15. ISRO has successfully launched 104 Satellites in a single flight recently from   
  (A) Thumpa (B) Bangalore                  
  (C) Sriharikotta         (D) Chandipur
Answer: (C)

16. The first state in India to open Blood Bank for cattle

  (A) Tamil Nadu (B) Orissa                
  (C) Bihar                       (D) Haryana
Answer: (B)

17. Which is the “ Black September Day “ in Olympics history ?

  (A) 30th Sep., 1972 (B) 5th Sep., 1972             
  (C) 20th Sep., 1968 (D) 5th Sep., 1968
Answer: (B)

18. Which Five Year Plan is known as “Gadgil Yojana” ?

  (A) Fourth Five Year Plan (B) Fifth Five Year Plan   
  (C) Sixth Five Year Plan  (D) Seventh Five Year Plan
Answer: (A)

19. Who got Ezhuthachan Award, 2016 ?

  (A) Puthussery Ramachandran (B) Vishnu Narayanan Nambuthiri 
  (C) M. K. Sanu                            (D) C. Radhakrishnan 
Answer: (D)

20. Poikayil Yohannan founded the Dalit Religious Protest Movement “Prathyaksha Raksha Dhaiva Sabha” at ___________ 

  (A) Pathanamthitta       (B) Kollam            
  (C) Thiruvananthapuram   (D) Kottayam 
Answer: (A)
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