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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


2018 - January (Question Paper-5)

Date of Test : 18/01/2018

1. Kaziranga, the famous sanctuary of Assam is famous for

  (A) Rhinoes (B) Tigers
  (C) Lions (D) Elephants 
Answer: (A)

2. Climate of India is _______ .
  (A) Mediterrian Type (B) Equatorial Type
  (C) Desert Type (D) Monsoon Type 
Answer: (D)

3. Which State in India has the lowest number of females in comparison to males ? 
  (A) Bihar  (B) Haryana 
  (C) Rajasthan  (D) Punjab 
Answer: (B)

4. Which of the following state has the lowest literacy rates in India ?
  (A) Bihar (B) Chhattisgarh
  (C) Jharkhand (D) Rajasthan
Answer: (A)

5. Operation Black-Board aims at

  (A) providing education to urban slum dwellers.
   (B) promoting adult literacy.
  (C) providing primary education in an educationally backward. 
  (D) opening of new schools specially for female children.
Answer: (C)

6. Which of the following is an indicator of poverty in India ? 

  (A) Income level  (B) Literacy Level 
  (C) Employment Level (D) All of these
Answer: (A)

7. In which year the Planning Commission of India was constituted ?

  (A) 1942 (B) 1947
  (C) 1950 (D) 1958
Answer: (C)

8. 'Twenty point Programme' was launched in the year 
  (A) 1969 (B) 1980
  (C) 1975  (D) 1977 
Answer: (B)

9. The First Five Year Plan in India was from 
  (A) 1947-1952 (B) 1949-1954 
  (C) 1950-1955  (D) 1951-1956 
Answer: (D)

10. Which Five Year Plan is also known as "Gadgil Yojana" ?
  (A) Second Five Year Plan  (B) Third Five Year Plan 
  (C) Fourth Five Year Plan  (D) Fifth Five Year Plan 
Answer: (C)

11. Who was the first Public Service Commissioner appointed in Travancore ? 

  (A) G.D. Knox  (B) Col. Munro 
  (C) William Barten  (D) Macaulay
Answer: (A)

12. Which of the following was the main reason for the outbreak of 1857 revolt ?

  (A) Introduction of Enfield rifle 
   (B) Introduction of Doctrine of Lapse 
  (C) Introduction of Subsidiary alliance 
  (D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer: (A)

13. The revolt of 1857 started at 

  (A) Madras  (B) Poona 
  (C) Surat  (D) Meerut
Answer: (D)

14. The Novel 'Anandamath' was written by 

  (A) Devendranath Tagore  (B) Bankim Chandra Chatterji 
  (C) Rabindranath Tagore  (D) Dadabhai Naoroji
Answer: (B)

15. Where is the wind farm power project in Kerala located ?
  (A) Kanjikode (B) Ramakkalmedu
  (C) Kayamkulam (D) Both (A) and (B) 
Answer: (D)

16. The social reformer of Kerala who opened his family temple for everyone ?

  (A) Narayana Guru (B) E.V Ramaswami
  (C) Mannathu Padmanabhan (D) Ayya Vaikunder 
Answer: (C)

17. The date of Temple Entry Proclamation in Travancore ?

  (A) 12 November, 1936 (B) 12 November, 1939   
  (C) 12 November, 1947 (D) 12 November, 1951
Answer: (A)

18. Who published the Arabic-Malayalam monthly called 'Al-lslam' ? 

  (A) Abdur Rahiman  (B) Ali - Musaliyar 
  (C) Abdul Khadir Maulavi  (D) Siti Koya Thangal
Answer: (C)

19. Which country has successfully launched Satellite- carrying rocket "Simorgh" into space ? 

  (A) Iran  (B) Japan 
  (C) France  (D) Germany
Answer: (A)

20. Which Metro will become the India's first metro to have its own FM Radio Station ? 

  (A) Delhi Metro  (B) Kolkata Metro 
  (C) Lucknow Metro  (D) Nagpur Metro 
Answer: (C)
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