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Facts about India -Questions and Answers -67

1851. Where is Central Institute of Indian Languages?
= Mysore
English and Foreign Language University which is formerly known as Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages is at Hyderabad.
Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore is founded by Jamshedji Tata and Indian Academy of Sciences at Bangalore is founded by C.V.Raman.

1852. The place where the first Aadhar Card was issued:
= Tembhili in Maharashtra.
The owner of the first Aadhar Card is Rajana Sonawane.
Khairi in Nagpur is the site of the first Navodaya School in India.

1853. To which deity the Lingaraja Temple in Bhuvaneswar is dedicated?
= Shiva
It was built by Jajati Keshari.
The temples which are known as Holy Golden Triangle is Lingaraja Temple, Puri Jagannath Temple and Konark  Sun Temple
The Konark Sun Temple was built by Narasimhadev I of Ganga dynasty.

1854. The oldest provincial Public Service Commission in India was Madras Public Service Commission. In which year it was started?
The Public Service Commission in India was established for the first time in 1926 as per the
recommendation  of Lee Commission. Later, as per the Government of India Act 1935, it became Federal Public Service Commission. After independence it was rechristened as Union Public Service Commission (1950).

1855. The only state in North East India where Communist Party came into power?
= Tripura
The Indian state which is surrounded by Bangladesh three sides- Tripura.
The first cyber forensic laboratory in India was established in Tripura.
Tripura is has the least area among the seven states of North East India.

1856. The Mughal Emperor who was buried at Aram Bagh in Agra?
= Babur
Though Babur was buried at Aram Bagh immediately after the demise, later his mortal remains were transferred to Kabul as per his wishes.
The Imperial Mughals whose tombs are outside present day India are Babur and Jahangir (Lahore).
They are the Mughal emperors who wrote autobiographies.

1857. The oldest public sector bank in India:
= Allahabad Bank
Allahabad Bank was founded in 1865.
Allahabad is in Uttar Pradesh which is the seat of High Court of U.P. But the headquarters of Allahabad Bank is Kolkata.
The name Allahabad means 'city of Allah' and was given by Mughal emperor Akbar.

1858. Which temple is called 'Black Pagoda'?
= Konark Sun Temple.
The name of Black Pagoda was given by European sailors.
Puri Jagannath Temple is known as 'White Pagoda'.
The construction of Puri Temple was started by Anathvarman Chodaganga of Eastern Chalukya dynasty. It was completed by Ananga Bhima Deva.

1859. The youngest to become Governor in an Indian State:
= Swaraj Kausal
He became Governor of Mizoram in 1990 at the age of 37.
His wife Sushma Swaraj is the youngest (25) to become cabinet minister in Indian Union (1977) She was also the first woman spokesperson for any political party in India.
The youngest to become Chief Minister of an Indian / Union Territory is M. O. Hasan Farook Maricar of Puducherry. He became Chief Minister at the age of 30.

1860. In which Indian State is Haripura where Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was elected President of Indian National Congress in 1938?
= Gujarat
The Tripuri session of 1939 in which Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was re-elected was held in the State of Madhya Pradesh.
Gujarat was formed after the bifurcation of Bombay state in 1960. Gujarat is the first state formed after the state re-organisation of 1956.

1861. Where did India's first U.N. Technology innovation lab set up?

1862. The founder director of CSIR-Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology: 
P.l'rl. Bhargava

1863. The name of central ministry dealing with environmental affairs is:
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

1864. Who authored the series of articles entitled India's Disin­tegrating Democracy in The Times?
Neville Maxwell 

1865. 'Socialistic pattern' of Indian society comes through: 
Mixed economy

1866. Anti Defection Law came into force in: 

1867. In which year STD was introduced for the first time in India between Kanpur and Lucknow: 

1868. In which year the first ISD line was established between Mumbai and London: 

1869. Protection of Human Rights Act came into force in: 

1870. Susmita Sen became Miss Universe and Aishwarya Rai became Miss World in: 

1871. The Defence Minister who resigned the post following an attack on the north eastern border of India by China in1962:
V.K. Krishna Menon 

1872. The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) was constituted in:

1873. The socialist leader who was the exponent of 'total rebel­lion':
Jayaprakash Narayan 

1874. The first Administrative Reforms Commission in India was appointed in: 

1875. University Grants Commission was formed as per the recommendations of . 
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Commission 
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