Saturday, 22 September 2018

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE- Questions and Answers -184

3961 The largest railway station in the world : 
New York Central Terminal

396The most abundant mineral in the world : 

3963 The Police Chief of Kerala  with the rank of Inspector General:  
Chandrasekharan Nair

3964 The scientist who first isolated Magnesium : 
Humphrey Dewey

3965 Urubamba is related to : 

3966 Which disease kills most number of children : 

3967 Who appoints the Chief Minister in Union Territories :

3968 Egg laying mammal : 

3969 The first to get arrested on staying individual satyagrapha: 
Vinobha Bhave

3970 Chemical name vitamin H : 

3971 Founder of Muslim Aikya Sangham : 
Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

3972 Governor General connected with ‘’Nandakumar episode’’ : 
Warren Hastings

3973 Headquarters of Benares Hindu University : 

3974 In which country Easter Rebellion took place in 1916 :

3975 In which year the first election using indelible ink was held in India : 

3976 Islam Renaissance in Kerala is led by : 
Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

3977 Jessie Owens Award is connected to : 

3978 Kerala Government Department for Non Residents :

3979 Metal which is a liquid at room temperature :
3980 Second Ezhava Memorial was submitted to : 
Lord Curzon

3981 St. Patrick belonged to : 

3982 The first Administrator designated as the Governor General of India instead of Governor General of Bengal  :
Lord William Bentinck

3983 The first Mayor of Kolkata Corporation in 1924 : 
C.R. Das

3984 The first woman chancellor of Kerala :
Jyothi Venkitachalam

3985 The first woman police station in Kerala is at : 

3986 The Logo “ Kerala God’s Own Country “ is conceived by: 
Walter Mendez

3987 The traditional architecture of Kerala :

3988 The Viceroy who took steps to repair Taj Mahal : 
Lord Curzon

3989 Viceroy when Madras, Bombay and Culcutta Universities came into being : 
Lord Canning

3990 Vijayawada is on the banks of : 
River Krishna


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