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Questions Related to Mahatma Gandhi - (Chapter-05)

111. Mahatma  is a title. What is the meaning of Mahatma ?
(a) People s leader (b) Seer
(c) Prophet (d) Great soul
Answer: (d)

112. For how many years did Gandhiji live in South Africa?
(a) 23        (b) 24 (c) 21     (d) 25
Answer: (c)

113. From where was the Khilafat movement launched?
(a) Karachi     (b) Lahore  
(c) Pune    (d) Delhi
Answer: (a)

114. With which great writer did Gandhiji have correspondence in South Africa?
(a) Romain Rolland (b) Leo Tolstoy
(c) John Ruskin (d) Henry David Thoreau
Answer: (b)

115. How did Gandhiji write the manuscript of his book Hind Swaraj ?
(a) by left hand (b) by right hand 
(c) using both hands alternatively (d) by typewriter
Answer: (c)

116. For how many years was Mahadev Desai associated with Gandhiji?
(a) 20 years     (b) 25 years      
(c) 30 years (d) 32 years
Answer: (b)

117. How long did Gandhiji's  first journey by ship to South Africa take?
(a) 24 days     (b) 36 days 
(c) 48 days (d) 10 days
Answer: (a)

118. In South Africa for whom was the term Coolie  used?
(a) For Indian labourer (b) Arab traders
(c) Businessmen (d) Lawyers
Answer: (a)

119. In which prison did Gandhiji spend the longest duration?
(a) Agakahan Palace (b) Delhi
(c) Yervada (d) Rajkot
Answer: (c)
120. To which national leade's daughter does the book Bapu's Letters To Maniben  relate to?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) Sardar Patel
(c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Rajagopalachari
Answer: (b)

121. What game did the captain of the ship teach Gandhiji on his way to South Africa?
(a) Bridge      (b) Chess 
(c) Poker  (d) Cards
Answer: (b)

122. What was Gandhiji's father popularly known as?
(a) Kaba Gandhi (b) Ota Gandhi
(c) Monu Gandhi (d) Chandu Gandhi
Answer: (a)

123. What was Gandhiji's grandfather popularly known as?
(a) Ota Gandhi (b) Kaba Gandhi
(c) Monu Gandhi (d) Chandu Gandhi
Answer: (a)

124. What was Gandhiji's grandfather's occupation?
(a) Dewan in Porbander (b) Dewan in Rajkot
(c) Zamindar in Ahmedabad (d) Tahsildar in Rajkot
Answer: (a)

125. What was Gandhiji's wife s educational qualification?
(a) Matriculate (b) primary
(c) Graduate (d) Illiterate
Answer: (d)

126. What was the aim of Gandhiji's last fast in 1948?
(a) Ending violence (b) Religious reason
(c) Upliftment of Harijan (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

127. What was the name of the ship in which Gandhiji sailed from Natal to Calcutta in 1896?
(a) Oceania      (b) Pogola    
(c) Victoria (d) Beagle
Answer: (b)

128. Where did Gandhiji address his first speech in South Africa?
(a) Johennesberg (b) Durban
(c) Pretoria (d) Cape Town
Answer: (c)

129. Where did Gandhiji go first on his return from South Africa?
(a) Pune (b) Karachi
(c) Delhi (d) Santhiniketan
Answer: (d)

130. Where did Gandhiji go to practice law, first on his return from England?
(a) Rajkot      (b) Mumbai    
(c) Pune       (d) Ahmedabad
Answer: (b)

131. Which education system did Gandhiji advocate for the country?
(a) Basic Education (b) English Education
(c) Musical Education (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

132. Which friend of Gandhiji 's land did he establish the Tolstoy Farm?
(a) Polak (b) John Ruskin
(c) Sait Abdulla (d) Hermann Kallenbach
Answer: (d)

133. Against what laws did Gandhiji along with other non-whites raise his voice in South Africa?
(a) Apartheid laws (b) Dress code
(c) Property Laws (d) Employment laws
Answer: (a)

134. All India Village Industries Association formed at Wardha in:
(a) 1942        (b) 1930         
c) 1934    (d) 1936
Answer: (c)

135. At what age did Gandhiji get married?
(a) 15 years  (b) 13 years      
 (c) 17 years       (d) 20 years 
Answer: (b)


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