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Questions Related to Mahatma Gandhi - (Chapter-08)

186.  In which year Gandhiji established Sevagram Ashram at Wardha?
(a) 1934 (b) 1935
(c) 1936 (d) 1937
Answer: (c)

187.  In which year Gandhiji started Indian Opinion ?
(a) 1901 (b) 1902
(c) 1903 (d) 1904
Answer: (d)

188. Godse, the assassin of Gandhiji, was the editor of:
(a) Hindu Dharma (b) Rashtra Darpan 
(c) Hindu Rajya (d) Hindu Rashtra
Answer: (d)

189. In connection with which agitation Gandhiji gave the title Sardar  to Vallabha Bhai Patel?
(a) Kheda      (b) Champaran   
(c) Bardoli  (d) Guruvayur
Answer: (c)

190.  In India, the death anniversary of Gandhiji is observed as:
(a) Sadbhavana day (b) Rededication day
(c) Martyr s day (d) National integration day
Answer: (c)

191.  In which jail Gandhiji was imprisoned when he was arrested for salt satyagraha?
(a) Pune    (b) Nrw Delhi 
(c) Kolkata    (d) Chennai
Answer: (a)

192.  In which year Gandhiji established Natal Indian Congress?
(a) 1893    (b) 1894     
(c) 1895 (d) 1896
Answer: (b)

193. In which year Gopala Krishana Gokhale, the political guru of Gandhiji, passed away?
(a) 1913     (b) 1914     
(c) 1915 (d) 1916
Answer: (c)

194.  In which year was Kheda satyagraha of Gandhiji?
(a) 1918      (b) 1919     
(c) 1920 (d) 1921
Answer: (a)

195.   The judge of Ahmedabad court who punished Gandhiji in connection with non-cooperation movement:
(a) R S Broomfield (b) Macualay
(c) Stevenson (d) William Jones
Answer: (a)

196. The jurist who gave verdict in Gandhi assassination Case:
(a) YV Chandrachud(b) Atmacharan Aggarwal
(c) HJ Kania (d) M Hidayattulla
Answer: (b)

197.  The ship in which Gandhiji sailed to England to attend the Round Table Conference:
(a) SS Rajputana (b) SS Anchon
(c) Pogola (d) Oceania
Answer: (a)

198. The wife of Gandhiji:
(a) Kasturba    (b) Manu Bhai     
(c) Kamala Bhai      (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

199. Under which title Gandhiji translated the book Unto This Last  of John Ruskin?
(a) Satyagraha (b) Sarvodaya
(c) Ramarajya (d) None of these
Answer: (b)
200. In which year Gandhiji established Sabarmati Ashram?
(a) 1915      (b) 1916 
(c) 1917       (d) 1918
Answer: (c)

201. In which year Gandhiji went to England to study law?
(a) 1888 (b) 1890 
(c) 1891      (d) 1892
Answer: (a)

202.  What was the post held by Gandhiji in Natal Indian Congress?
(a) President (b) Honorary Secretary
(c) Treasurer (d) Chairman
Answer: (b)

203. Who authored Gandhiji's favourite prayer Vaishnava Janato ?
(a) Tagore               (b) Vishnu Digambar Paluskar
 (c) Narasimha Mehta (d) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Answer: (c)

204.  Who said India lives in her villages :
(a) Gandhiji (b) Belwant Rai Mehta
(c) Vinoba Bhave (d) Sardar Patel
Answer: (a)

205. The first Satyagraha conducted in Kerala in which Gandhiji intervened:
(a) Paliyam Satyagraha      (b) Vaikom Satyagraha
(c) Guruvayur Satyagraha  (d) Palium Satyagraha
Answer: (b)

206.  The Indian Opinion published by Gandhiji related to the organisation:
(a) ANC (b) INC
(c) Natal Indian Congress (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

207. The United Nations observes the birth day of Mahathma Gandhi as:
(a) International non-violence day
(b)  International peace day
(c)  International apartheid day
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

208.  What was the age of Gandhiji when he conducted thehistoric Dandi march?
(a) 61        (b) 71 
(c) 75       (d) 56
Answer: (a)

209.  What was the purpose behind the establishement of Natal Indian Congress by Gandhiji?
(a) to promote vegitarian food
(b) To get permanent employment to the Indians
(c) For the increase of pay
(d) To fight against racial discrimination
Answer: (d)

210.  Which was known as the political laboratory of Mahathma Gandhi ?
(a) Britain    (b) India     
(c) South Africa   (d) Sri Lanka
Answer: (c)


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