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Questions Related to Mahatma Gandhi - (Chapter-11)

281. What was called ‘post dated cheque’ by Gandhiji? 
Crip’s Mission

282. What was the promise given to his mother by Gandhiji before his going toEngland for studying?
 Not to touch liquor and meet

283.  Who advised Gandhiji to make a visit to the whole country before entering into Indian politics? 
Gopala Krishna Gokhale

284. Who presided over the 1901 session of INC in which Gandhiji attended for the first time? DE Wacha

285. Who wrote “Life of Mahathma Gandhi”?
 Louis Fischer

286. Why Gandhi opted very little cloth for dressing? 
To show his solidarity

287. Whom Gandhiji called ‘the prince of patriots’? 
Subhash Chandra Bose

288.  After the attainment of political independence in 1947, Gandhiji felt that the Congress, as a propaganda vehicle and a parliamentary machine, had outlived its usefulness. So to keep the Congress away from unhealthy competition with political parties and communal bodies, Gandhiji towards the end of January 1948 sketched a draft constitution for the Congress to transform itself into ...... 
Lok Sevak Sangh

289. Who was executed along with Nathuram Godse in Gandhi Assassination Case? Narayan Apte

290.  Who was known as ‘Delhi Gandhi’?
C.Krishnan Nair

291. Who was known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’?
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

292. “For that light represented something more than the immediate past, it represented the living, the eternal truths, reminding us of the right path, drawing us from error, taking this ancient country to freedom.” Who said these words when Gandhiji passed away? Jawaharlal Nehru

293.  ‘After me, he will speak my language’ Gandhiji made this statement on 15th January, 1941 before AICC, intending:
Jawaharlal Nehru

294. Due to which disease Gandhiji was compelled to leave England to India in1914? Pleurisy
295. In which language Gandhiji started the weekly ‘Young India’? 

296. In which year the first issue of Young India was published under the editorialship of Gandhiji? 

297. In which year’s Nobel Peace Prize, Gandhiji was nominated for the last time? 

298. Kheda where Gandhiji conducted Satyagraha is in the state of : 

299. The childhood name of Gandhiji: 
Manu or Moniya

300. The correct spelling of which word was unknown to Gandhiji when a school inspector conducted a dictation test in his childhood? 

301. The number policemen killed by the mob in Chauri Chaura incident: 

302. The session of INC which approved the non-cooperation movement of Gandhiji was held at: 

303. Who called Gandhiji as ‘Father of Nation’ for the first time? 
Subhash Chandra Bose

304.  Which food was advised to Gandhiji by his childhood friend Mehtab in order to get power? 

305. Who authored ‘In search of Gandhi”?
Richard Attenborogh

306. What was the age of Gandhiji when he reached India from South Africa in 1915? 

307.  Who said “ Satyagraha is the tool of strong people”? 
Mahathma Gandhi

308. Who was known as ‘Bihar Gandhi’?

309. Who coined the term ‘Satyagraha’?

310.  At what age Gandhiji decided to adopt brahmacharya? 

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