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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 46

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 46
1226. “What began as a fight for religion, ended as a war of independence’-this remarks about the Revolt of 1857 was made by: 

1227. The Viceroy during the Second Afghan War of
(1878-80): Lytton

1228. The Viceroy during the Second and Third Round Table Conference: 

1229. The Viceroy of British India who resigned over the question of Egypt:  

1230. Adayar was the famous centre and headquarters of the: 
Theosophical Society

1231. The venue of 1939 session of Indian National Congress? 

1232. After independence, in which type of states former rulers were appointed as ‘Rajapramukh’ to head the administration? 
Part B

1233. After matriculation, in which college Gandhiji joined? 
Samaldas College

1234. After the Surat split of 1907, the second split of Indian National Congress took place in 1918 on the issue of: 
Montague Declaration

1235. The Viceroy who appointed Hunter Commission to inquire into education: 

1236. After the withdrawal of the non-cooperation movement, the Congress was divided into: 
Pro-changers and no-changers

1237. Against what laws did Gandhiji along with other non-whites raise his voice in South Africa? 
Apartheid laws

1238. As per the resolution adopted by the Committee of All Parties conference on 19th May 1928 who was made the chairman to consider and determine the principles of the Constitution of India?
Motilal Nehru

1239. Ashfaqulla Khan was sentenced to death in connection with: 
Kakori Case

1240. Asiatic Society of Bengal was established in: 

1241. At the battle of Biddera the English crushed the power of ___: 

1242.  At the earlier stage, backward classes movement means? 
Non-Brahmin movement

1243. At the meeting held at ____ on 12th  February 1922, the AICC decided to suspend non-cooperation movement  in view of Chauri Chaura incidents

1244. At the time of independence the most populous princely state was: 

1245. At what age did Gandhiji get married? 
13 years

1246. At what age Gandhiji decided to adopt brahmacharya? 

1247. At which Congress session was the Working Committee authorised to launch of the programme of Civil Disobedience? 
Lahore 1929

1248. At which Gandhi Museum is the bloodstained dhoti preserved, which Gandhiji was wearing when he was shot dead? 
Delhi Museum

1249. At whose advice Dayanand Saraswati changed his medium of speech to Hindi and started wearing regular clothes instead of remaining bare bodied?
Keshab Chandra Sen

1250. Atmiya Sabha was founded in: 

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