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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 48

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 48
1276. During which period did Mahatma Gandhi emerge as a leader in India?  
During the time of the Rowlatt Act

1277. During which war Gandhi organised the Indian Ambulance Corps to help the British?
Boer War

1278. During whose era the Agra canal was finished?

1279. During whose reign did the Marathas reach maximum expansion?
Balaji Baji Rao

1280.   During whose tenure as the Viceroy of India were the great martyrs Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged? 
Lord Irwin

1281. During whose viceroyalty was the Railway Board set up? 

1282. Editor of ‘Indu Prakash’ was: 
Aurobindo Ghosh

1283. Congress Radio was the broadcasting mouthpiece of the Indian National Congress during Quit India Movement. Who organised it? 
Usha Mehta

1284. Conquest and annexation of Sind (1843) were during the period of: 
Lord Ellenborough

1285. Cripp’s Mission visited India during the period of:

1286. Cripp’s Mission visited India in: 

1287. Curzon-Kitchener Controversy of 1904-05 is related to.........: 
Abolition of a military member in the Viceroy’s Council

1288. Dadabhai Naoroji served as the prime minister of: 

1289. First Afghan War (1836-42) held during the period of:
Lord Auckland

1290. First Burmese War (1824-26) held during the period of: 
Lord Amherst

1291. From where Gandhiji passed matriculation?

1292. From where was the Khilafat movement launched? 

1293. From which University in the USA, B.R.Ambedkar received his PhD? 

1294. From whom Gandhiji got the idea ‘Civil Disobedience’? 
Henry David Thoreau

1295. Gandhi ended his fast in Yervada prison which he started after the Communal Award of Ramsay Mc Donald, inconsequent to: 
Pune Pact

1296. Gandhiji accorded very high priority to communal harmony in his programme of actions. At which place did he undertake his last fast for it on January 13, 1948?

1297. Gandhiji addressed Tagore as: 

1298. Gandhiji and General Smuts engaged in an agreement in Pretoria in.... 

1299. Gandhiji arrived in India from South Africa in the year: 

1300. Gandhiji believed that: 
End and means both should be justified

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