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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 51

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 51
1351. In 1765, the British managed to get the Diwani rights of:
Bengal, Orissa, Bihar

1352. In 1877 the entrance age to ICS was reduced from 21 to ……

1353. In 1878, the government reduced the maximum age limit for the open competition for the civil service examination from 21 to:

1354. In 1885 Dadabhai Naoroji was elected one of the vice presidents of : 
Bombay Presidency Association

1355. In 1914 Gandhiji ended his stay in South Africa and went to:

1356. In the Ahmedabad Mill Strike, Mahatma Gandhi’s intervention resulted in the enhancement of wages of workers by:  

1357. In the Federation established by the Act 1935, residuary powers were given to the: Governor General

1358. In the Indian National Congress, the period between 1885 and 1905 came to be known as:
Moderate phase

1359. In the last months of Gandhiji’s life, he fasted to end bloody clashes between Muslims and Hindus in which two cities?
Kolkata and Delhi

1360. In the regime of which Governor General did the most number of native states were annexed to the British Empire? 
Lord Dalhousie

1361.In the tenure of which Governor-General an attempt was made for the first time to codify Hindu and Muslim customary laws?
Warren Hastings

1362. In the Third Maratha War, the English defeated Peshwa Bajirao II at— 

1363.In which city Tipu Sultan planted ‘Tree of Liberty’?

1364.In which country “The Indian War of Independence’ authored by V.D.Savarkar
was published for the first time?

1365. In which day Gandhiji was assassinated? 

1366. In which language Gandhiji started the weekly ‘Young India’? 

1367. In which year the assassins of Gandhiji was executed? 

1368. In which year the British Prime Minister Ramsay Mc Donald announced Communal Award? 

1369. In which year the Congress ministries in the provinces resigned to protest against the war policy of the British Government? 

1370. In which year the film ‘Gandhi’ got 8 Oscar Awards? 

1371. In which year the first issue of Young India was published under the editorship of Gandhiji?

1372. The book was written by Gandhiji in 1909 during his sail for London: 
Hind Swaraj

1373. The booklets like “Loyal Muhammadans of India” and “Cause of Indian Revolt” was written by:
Syed Ahmed Khan

1374. The British Committee of Indian National Congress was formed in:

1375. The British got Kohinoor from: 
Dalip Singh

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