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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 59

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 59
1551. The first modern trade union in India was founded in 1918 by: 
BP Wadia

1552.The first Muslim to become the president of the Indian National Congress:
Badruddin Tyabji

1553. The first National Planning Committee was constituted at the instance of Subhas Bose in:

1554. The first newspaper in India ‘Bengal Gazette’ was started by: 
James Hickey

1555.The first occupant of ‘Viceregal Palace’: 

1556.The first person to have appeared in the stamp of independent India: 
Mahatma Gandhi

1557.The first piece of Indian soil on which the English exercised sovereign authority: 
Island of Bombay

1558.The first piece of territory acquired by the English in India: 

1559. The first political organisation in modern India was founded in 1838. Its name was: Landholder’s Association

1560.The first population census in India by Mayo: 

1561. The first president of Muslim League was: 
Nawab Salimulla Khan

1562.The correct spelling of which word was unknown to Gandhiji when a school inspector conducted a dictation test in his childhood? 

1563. The credit of victory of Porto Novo goes to the British General: 

1564. The Dutch who discovered commercial possibilities in India and whose book caused a sensation in the western world is:

1565.The educational system propounded by Mahatma Gandhi: 
Nayee Thalim

1566. The English daily ‘The Bengali’ was started by:
Surendra Nath Banerjee

1567. The first session of INC was held in: 

1568. The first session of the Constituent Assembly was held in: 

1569. The first Shivaji Festival was in: 

1570.The first son of Gandhiji: 

1571.The First Surveyor General of India and Scottish antiquarian who visited Vijayanagara in 1799:
Colin Mackenzie

1572. The first Swadeshi dacoity or robbery was organised in the year 1906 in : 

1573.The first thinker of militant nationalism who through his series of Articles entitled ‘New Lamps for Old’ propounded his ideology: 
Aurobindo Ghosh

1574.The first to become Law Member of Governor General’s Council: 
Thomas Babington Macaulay

1575.The first to start a portfolio system: 

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