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Modern India- Questions & Answers - 62

Modern India- Questions & Answers - 62
1626. The Great Bengal Famine of ______ took a heavy toll of life and might be called “more man-made than an act of God” -

1627. The greatest French Governor in India was:

1628.The greatest Parsi reformer of the 19th century:
Behramji Malabari

1629.The headquarters of Navjeevan trust established by Gandhiji in 1929: 

1630. The idea of holding the Round Table Conference for new constitutional framework for India was first mooted by: 
Swaraj Party

1631.The ideal state envisaged by Gandhiji: 
Ram Rajya

1632.The immediate cause of 1857 revolt: 
Introduction of Enfield rifle

1633.The importance of 19th July 1905 in Indian History: 
Announcement of the partition of Bengal

1634.The importance of 22nd October 1764 in Indian History: 
Battle of Buxar

1635.The importance of 23rd June 1757 in Indian History: 
Battle of Plassey

1636.The importance of 5th February 1922 in the history of India: 
Chauri Chaura incident

1637. The INA troops surrendered before the British army in _____.

1638.The incident responsible for Kakori Conspiracy The case was occurred in: 

1639.The incident which compelled Gandhiji to repeal non-cooperation movement? 
Chauri-Chaura incident

1640. The India Office, a British government Department was created in:

1641. The Indian Association formed an important role in arousing national consciousness through the formation of: 
Indian National Conference

1642. The Indian association was established in 1876 in: 

1643. The Indian Industrial Commission of 1915 was headed by: 
Sir Thomas Holland

1644. The Indian National Army had three fighting brigades named after Gandhiji, Azad and _____.

1645. The Indian National Congress officially adopted the ‘drain theory’ in its session held in the year: 

1646.The Indian Opinion published by Gandhiji related to the organisation: 
Natal Indian Congress

1647. The Indian Penal Code was passed in: 

1648. The Indian Police Act was passed in: 

1649.The institution in England where Gandhiji studied law : 
Inner Temple

1650.The Irish woman who claimed herself to have been a Hindu in her previous life and lectured different parts of India, defending and glorifying Hinduism? 
Annie Besant

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